Best Intelligence Weapons In Elden Ring

This guide will cover the best Intelligence Weapons in Elden Ring as we will go over all of them in detail and tell you where to find them.

Elden Ring provides the sorcerers with several weapons that can be scaled with the Intelligence attribute. The intelligence scaling helps you in performing some of the best glintstone sorceries through several weapons in Elden Ring.

You can boost your sorceries’ damage by equipping the best intelligence scaling weapons in Elden Ring. So invest your hard-earned runes into intelligence attributes to experience the devastating power of intelligence-scaled weapons and enjoy the ride as a sorcerer in Elden Ring.

Before knowing the best intelligence weapons, exploring this attribute fully in Elden Ring is essential.

How Intelligence works in Elden Ring

The intelligence attribute is the primary stat you need to look after if you plan to complete Elden Ring as a sorcerer. You need to polish this attribute to perform high-level sorceries. Additionally, Intelligence is the primary requirement when it comes to equipping the spell-casting weapons.

In Elden Ring, each weapon has minimum stat requirements to be fulfilled to equip the weapon. You need to invest your ruins in Intelligence or Faith for the spell-based weapons.

Investing in Intelligence improves your magic power, and the scaled sorceries deal more damage. At the same time, you enjoy more excellent magic resistance due to the higher intelligence attribute in Elden Ring.

To buff your magic weapons in Elden Ring, you just have to earn runes and utilize them to level up Intelligence by resting at any Site of Grace.

With the understanding of this attribute, let us dive straight into the best intelligence-scaling weapons so you can wield them to become the Elden Lord by destroying your enemies in Elden Ring.

Best Intelligence weapons to use in Elden Ring

7) Crystal Sword (for Int Str builds)

The Crystal sword is a weapon you can get early in Elden Ring. Being an early weapon, the Crystal Sword lacks the power other intelligence-scaled weapons have, but it is still the best early option for a sorcerer in Elden Ring.

You get the opportunity to wield two intelligence-scaled weapons while equipping Crystal Sword, making it possible to deal good damage using the combination of weapons. The Spinning slash skill of this sword allows you to inflict damage on multiple enemies within a short range.

However, you can also get the Rotten Crystal Sword by progressing into Miquella’s Haligtree. This variant allows you to inflict scarlet rot with each strike, making it a strong intelligence scaling sword in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Strength (13), Dexterity (10), Intelligence (15)

How to get: You can find the weapon by going to the Village of the Albinaurics. Inside the village, you have to look for a dead body, so go past the wooden bridge toward the edge to find the Crystal Sword in Elden Ring.

6) Fallingstar Beast Jaw (for Int Str builds)

Like all other strength weapons, the offensive side of Fallingstar Beast Jaw is second to none and is regarded as being hard-hitting in Elden Ring. It has the ability Gravity Bolt, which allows it to laugh bolts onto enemies and deal damage from a distance.

Another factor that puts Fallingstar Beast Jaw in the best intelligence weapons category is its speed. Fallingstar Beast Jaw is a must-have in your arsenal based on these facts.

Requirement: Strength (34), Dexterity (12), and Intelligence (20)

How to get: In Mt. Gelmir, you have to defeat the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast to get this weapon.

5) Royal Greatsword (for Int Str builds)

The Royal Greatsword allows you to inflict frost damage in Elden Ring. The weapon skill of this sword is mighty. You can deal substantial damage using the Wolf’s Assault skill, and if you are looking to defeat your enemies in style, Royal Greatsword is the way to go in Elden Ring.

You can use the unique skill of this weapon, Wolf’s Assault, to somersault yourself into the enemies and deal a good amount of damage.

Requirements: Strength (26), Dexterity (19), Intelligence (22)

How to get: The only way you can collect Royal Greatsword is to progress Ranni’s questline. You have to defeat Blaidd while exploring the Ranni Rise tower to loot this weapon as a reward for the battle.

4) Starscourge Greatsword (for Int Str builds)

The Starscourage Greatsword is a magnificent sword that provides aesthetics and power in Elden Ring. Surprisingly, you are going to wield two swords as the Starscourge Greatsword is not a single piece.

It has an active skill known as Starcaller Cry. This ability allows you to draw enemies closer to you to attack them. This, however, does not work against the bosses, but it can prove handy against regular enemies.

It is more of a mid-game weapon, and you can increase its damage output by upgrading it using the Somber Smithing Stone. This will increase its Intelligence and strength stat.

Requirement: Strength (38), Dexterity (12), Intelligence (15)

How to get: Start with defeating Starscourge Radahn to get the Remembrance of the Starscourge. Next, take this Remembrance to Enia in the Roundtable Hold and trade it for the Starscourge Greatsword.

3) Wing of Astel (for Int Dex builds)

The Wing of Astel is a weapon that not only allows you good magic damage but also provides you with the ability to inflict severe physical damage on your enemies in Elden Ring.

This weapon has a tremendous skill called Nebula that can be used to throw an arc of orb stars. Each of these orbs will deal a good amount of damage.

The unique skill of Wing of Astel allows you to produce a magic beam that keeps the enemies away from your position and inflicts significant damage. Additionally, this is probably the best intelligence weapon if you invest fully in your Intelligence attribute in Elden Ring. 

Requirements: Intelligence (21), Strength (7), and Dexterity (17)

How to get: You can find Wing of Astel by exploring the Uhl Palace Ruins. You have to reach the top of the palace to find a chest, and the best way to reach the palace is to take the north route from Ainsel River.

2) Dark Moon Greatsword (for Int Str builds)

The Dark Moon Greatsword is one of the best swords when it comes to intelligence-scaled weapons in Elden Ring. You can inflict a high amount of damage and frost effect by building the dexterity intelligence built on this Greatsword.

You can utilize the unique skill of this weapon to perform high-damaging beam attacks against your enemies in Elden Ring. The Dark Moon Greatsword is undoubtedly one of the best magic weapons in Elden Ring. 

Requirements: Intelligence (38), Strength (16), and Dexterity (11)

How to get: After completing the Ranni’s Questline go to the Moonlight Altar and go towards the Cathedral of Manus Celes to get this Greatsword in Elden Ring.

1) Moonveil (for Int Dex builds)

Nothing wrong can go with the Dexterity Intelligence build on Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring. This sword tops the charts in almost every aspect of combat, and you can attack enemies using bolts of lightning to drain their health.

With Moonveil, you get the ability to tackle enemies in every aspect, including short-range and long-range attacks. You can inflict severe damage through your sword attacks to enemies that come close, and magic beams from Moonveil make it up for the range attacks in Elden Ring.

The true strength of this build lies in the weapon skill of Moonveil. You can perform significant damage by using the horizontal or vertical beam due to the Transient Moonlight skill of this weapon. 

Requirements: Intelligence (23), Strength (12), Dexterity (18)

How to get: To find this katana, you have to explore the Gael Tunnel and defeat Magma Wyrm by reaching the border that joins the Caelid area with the lands of Limgrave. The tunnel is on the Caelid side, so getting the location is no challenging task.

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