Elden Ring Bandit Builds Guide

In Elden Ring, you can use the Bandit Class to create some of the most versatile builds. All of this...

In Elden Ring, you can use the Bandit Class to create some of the most versatile builds. All of this is because of the high arcane and dexterity skills. This guide will tell you about the best Bandit builds in Elden Ring for both melees and ranged encounters.

Elden Ring Bandit Builds

The bandit class’s high versatility and arcane skills allow you to create unique builds in Elden Ring. Now let’s move to some of the best Bandit Class builds in the Elden Ring for you.

We will be discussing 2 of our tried and tested builds below.

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Bandit Melee Build

Flask Spread: Equal HP and FP

Weapon: Dual Scimitars

Shield: Any Light Weight Shield

Armor: Heavy Weight

Stats: Arcane (Primary), Vigor (Primary), Dexterity (Secondary), Endurance (Secondary)

Skills: Ash of War: Bloody Slash

Spells: Rotten Breath and Dragonclaw

Bandit Ranged Build

Flask Spread: Equal HP and FP

Weapon: Shortbow and Longbow

Shield: Any Light Weight Shield

Armor: Light Weight

Stats: Dexterity (Primary), Vigor (Primary), Arcane (Secondary), Endurance (Secondary)

Skills: Ash of War: Mighty Shot and Ash of War: Barrage

Best Stats for Bandit Builds

While playing with the Bandit Melee build, we will be investing 23 points into Arcane and 18 into Vigor. Arcane will help you with spells you will be using in this build, and Vigor will affect immunity and fire resistance.

As far as secondary stats are concerned, we will be investing 18 points into Endurance and 10 into dexterity.

For Bandit Ranged build, our primary stats will be Dexterity and Vigor, and we will be investing 20 points in both.

The secondary stats for this build are arcane and Endurance, and we will be investing 14 and 11 points in them, respectively.

Best Weapons For Bandit Builds

The primary weapon you will be using for the Bandit Melee build is Scimitars, a curved sword. This weapon comes with a pre-equipped skill called Spinning Slash, and you can also infuse it with other skills and spells to increase its damage output.

For Bandit Ranged build, you will be using any short and longbow. So you can take out enemies at a range and don’t allow them to come close to you.

You will be using your bow to attack the enemies when there are at a distance from you. However, when they come close to you, use the short bow along with the skills like Barrage to deal some damage to them.

Best Armor For Bandit Builds

There is no specific armor for both melees and ranged build. However, for a melee build, you are recommended to wear some Heavy armor so you can be aggressive, tank hits, and do counterattacks.

On the other hand, while playing as a Bandit ranged build, you should go with a Light armor so you can move quickly and focus on aiming the targets at a distance. This will also help you in dodging the fast-moving projectiles.

Best Spells For Bandit Builds

While playing with Bandit Melee build, you can use the Dragonclaw spell against the enemies who use shields by transforming into a dragon and damaging them using your claws. The Rotten Breath can take out all enemies in its range.

The Rotten Breath will turn you into a dragon that will spew rotten and toxic breath that will deal physical damage. You can also charge it for increasing its duration.

These spells can be used against difficult bosses and those who summon spirits as well.

Best Skills For Bandit Builds

In Bandit Melee build, you will be using your Ash of War: Bloody Slash on your weapons to apply bleed build-up to the enemies after hit.

You can kill most of the smaller enemies in one shot with this skill. This skill will cost you 6 FP, but it is totally worth it. It will also help increase arcane, so the damage dealt will be increased.

The skills like Ash of War: Barrage and Mighty Shot will help you a lot in the battle while playing as Bandit Ranged build. Both of these skills will give skills and affinities to the weapons.

With Barrage, you will be able to shoot successive arrows very fast to deal damage to multiple enemies or a boss.

The Ash of War: Mighty Shot works similarly and penetrates through the enemy guards. This skill is very useful for penetrating enemies’ guards so you can do some extra damage

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