How To Get Armorer’s Cookbook 6 In Elden Ring

You can use the crafting techniques from Armorer's Cookbook 6 to craft the Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, you get to craft gazillion items, each requiring a particular recipe that you can learn from Armorer’s Cookbook.

The techniques learned through these crafting notes help you create some powerful and essential items. Surprisingly, tons of such Cookbooks are present in different areas, but you need to visit a particular site for Armorer’s Cookbook 6.

Armorer’s Cookbook 6 location in Elden Ring

You can get to the location of Armorer’s Cookbook 6 through several ways in Elden Ring. Make your way toward the Site of Grace located on the Siofra River Bank.

From here, you need to jump on the ledge present at your backside. You can use Torrent to jump on the ledges, and once you are on the cliff, just move west to find the Cookbook.

Additionally, you can move east from the Night’s Sacred Ground Site. Follow the cliffs but be careful of the Giant Crab on your way. You will find the Cookbook on the east side of the area.

Armorer’s Cookbook 6 recipes

You can use the crafting techniques from Armorer’s Cookbook 6 to craft the Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring. This consumable item is highly effective during different situations in the game.

With Preserving Boluses, you get the ability to increase the scarlet rot building against your enemies. Moreover, this item helps you in curing the rot ailment during the game. However, you also need several other items along with the Armorer’s Cookbook 6 to craft this consumable item.

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