Dragon’s Dogma 2 Prey For The Pack: Where To Find Rodge

Find the Grandson of Morris and complete the Prey of the Pack quest.

While completing the Saint of the Slums quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have to get to the Checkpoint Rest Town. Whether you take an oxcart to get there or go on foot, Checkpoint Rest Town has a number of quests, one of them requiring you to find a boy named Rodge.

Talk to the shopowner Morris at Morris’s Apothecary in town, which will trigger the Prey for the Pack quest. Morris will mention that he hasn’t been able to find his grandson Rodge for a while and asks you to help him out and see where his boy has gone.

Prey for the Pack is one of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s time-sensitive quests, so once you start it, don’t waste time on anything else and focus on finding Rodge as he is kind of far away from Checkpoint Rest Town.

Talk to the villagers

Right after starting Prey for the Pack in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will see that a portion of Checkpoint Rest Town is now covered in a yellow objective circle. You have to talk to villagers to see if they have seen Rodge or have any idea where he might have gone.

Conversations with Jacint usually happen during the day, while talking to Alsa and Timothy may require resting at an Inn or bench and switching to Nighttime. If a character like Jacint is missing, you can switch time and look around the town again in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Once you have talked to enough villagers, the objective area will disappear from the town and move to another location nearby.

Make your way to Cenotaph

Make your way to the location we marked on the map for you. It is better if you go there at night, as one of the NPCs mentioned that Rodge liked to pick flowers from nearby fields and was looking for a rare flower that glows at night.

As you make your way to the objective area, you will see fields of glowing blue flowers. You basically just have to follow them to where Rodge can be found.


To make it simple for you, Rodge can be found in the Putrid Cave. If you have already discovered that dungeon, go there. Otherwise, you can follow the trail of glowing flowers.

For me, a mini-boss spawned in the area when I reached the flowers. Defeating it removed the objective area. So I returned back to town and, this time talked to a guard at the entrance. This guard mentioned Putrid Cave, and the objective location appeared on the map.

Opening the chest right behind the tree at the graveyard can give you a Wakestone Shard, so we recommend you open that. If you have a Wakestone, you can use it to revive Rodge even if he gets killed by wolves and finish Prey for the Pack in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Enter the Putrid Cave and save Rodge

Putrid Cave should be marked on your map if you talk to everyone in town. To reach it, follow the trail of blue flowers on the road, making sure you don’t accidentally fall off the edge in the darkness of the night. We have also marked the location on the map so you can reach it quickly.

As you approach the cave, you will hear wolves howling and a young boy struggling to survive. Hurry to his aid and kill the wolves inside the cave. This boy turns out to be Rodge. Talk to him, and he will be dazed and wondering what he is doing in this place. Your next objective will be to escort Rodge back to town.


If you are unable to save the boy or arrive at the Putrid Cave a few days late, you will only find a Scrap of Clot, hinting something horrible has happened to Rodge. Take this scrap of clothing back to Morris to complete Prey for the Pack.

Take Rodge Back to Morris

While it may seem simple enough to escort Rodge back to Morris’s Apothecary in Dragon’s Dogma 2, this is where the quest can become challenging. As you are leaving the area, you will hear wolves howling. You will constantly be under attack from wave after wave of wolves. Keep killing them and moving forward, making sure they are focused on you instead of Rodge.

Sometimes Prey for the Pack bugs out here, and Rodge stops following you. To avoid that, you must stay as close to him as possible while heading back to Morris. Once you get back to Checkpoint Rest Town, talk to Morris again, and this will complete the quest. You will be rewarded with XP, 11,000G, and Miracle Roborants for completing this quest.


Return to Morris’s Apothecary after a few days and now all his wares will be available at a discounted price so you can buy Ferrystones for cheap.

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