Dragon’s Dogma 2 House Of The Blue Sunbright: How To Help Sebastian Prepare

Here is how you can help Sebastian and complete the House of the Blue Sunbright quest in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Once you have completed all parts of The Gift of Giving side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, a maid named Diana will approach you. She will stop you near the stairs in the Common Quarter of Vernworth. Diana will ask you to help her master, thus starting the House of the Blue Sunbright quest.

Now, you must head to a Manor in the Noble Quarter in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and talk to Diana there. The location is marked on the map below so you can easily reach it. Once you get there and talk to Diana again, she will mention that she needs to find a person who looks like Sebastian.

Sebastian will join the conversation. Turns out that his mother is sick and worries if he leaves the house. So you need to find someone who can take his place and ensure his mother doesn’t suspect anything. Your first task will be to find Sebastian’s look-alike so he can leave the Manor to find a “Blue Sunbright” for his mother.

Where to find Sebastian’s look-alike in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Sebastian’s look-alike is the girl who gives you The Gift of Giving quest, Daphne. You can find Daphne just outside The Gracious Hand in the Slums. This is where you get The Heel of History quest.

After talking to Daphne, you must escort her to the Manor so she can meet Diana and Sebastian. After doing this, the main part of this quest will start, and you will need to help Sebastian prepare by finding him some items.


Even if you don’t give Sebastian the proper items, the quest doesn’t outright fail. In case you don’t give him the items mentioned below, Sebastian goes missing on his journey back from Melve and you have to find him. This is a time-sensitive step, so get to it quickly; otherwise, Sebastian can die.

How to help Sebastian prepare in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Diana and Daphne will give you some details about the items that can help Sebastian, but you must find them yourself. Don’t worry; we have listed the items you will need to deliver to Sebastian so he can start his journey to Melve and find the Blue Sunbright in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

  • Misshapen Eye
  • Waking Powder
  • Detoxifying Decoction

If you already have these in your inventory, you can deliver them to Sebastian so he can leave, rest, and revisit the Manor to complete the “House of the Blue Sunbright” quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you don’t have these items, don’t worry; we will help you find them all.

To find the Misshapen Eye, you must kill a “Cyclops.” You can find one at the location below while traveling from Vernworth to Melve. To take out the Cyclops, you should target their weak spot, the Cyclops’ eye, whenever you can. Mage and Archer starting vocations are good for targeting weak spots like these.

Once Cyclops is knocked down, it collects its Eye and head to the other location to find the other two items Sebastian needs. You will need to go to Philbert’s Sundries in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Merchant Quarter and purchase the items from the merchant.

You can purchase the 1x Detoxifying Decoction and 1x Waking Powder for 425 and 380 Gold, respectively. Once you have all three items, return to the Manor and hand them to Sebastian.

With these, he will leave the Manor while Daphne will stay at the Manor so his mother doesn’t find out that Sebastian has gone somewhere.

Wait a day

To complete the quest, you must revisit the Manor after a day. You can rest at an Inn or work on something else. You will find Sebastian there when you enter the Manor the next day.

The conversation will start with a cutscene in which Sebastian mentions the Blue Bright. Natasha, Sebastian’s’ mother, will then join the conversation. Once the cutscene ends, the quest will also be marked as complete, rewarding you with x2 Fine Harspud Roberant, 3000 Gold, and 900 XP.

What happens if you don’t help Sebastian prepare

As mentioned before, the quest doesn’t fail if you give Sebastian the wrong items. Instead, House of the Blue Sunbright has another step added to it. Diana informs you that Sebastian still hasn’t returned, and now it is up to you to go find him.

Either walk all the way to Melve or take an oxcart to Melve and then start walking all the way back to Vernworth. Eventually, you will find Sebastian on the road, and he needs assistance.

For me, Sebastian had been poisoned by Saurians and was asleep in a bush. I had to kill the nearby Saurians and then give Sebastian a Detoxifying Decoction to cure him, and then he returned to Vernworth.

It doesn’t always have to be Saurians either. In the case of a friend of mine, Sebastian was injured and was under attack by Goblins. So the way Dragon’s Dogma 2’s House of the Blue Sunbright plays out if you don’t help Sebastian prepare properly can differ from player to player.

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