How To Get And Use Dyes In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Now you can have flaming red hair to go with your character's blue Smurf skin in Dragon's Dogma 2.

While you are unable to change your race in Dragon’s Dogma 2 after the initial character creation, you still have a number of options to customize your character’s appearance. One of those options comes in the form of applying dyes to your hair, makeup, and body markings.

Unfortunately, the game, like most things, doesn’t do a good job of explaining how the dye system works. In fact, you can’t even unlock the ability to apply dyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2 until you have progressed a fair bit in the game and reached the city of Bakbattahl.

To help you get your hands on more customization options for your character and change from the dull colors available during character creation to vibrant red and yellow hues, allow me to explain how the dye system works in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and how to get your hands on them.

How to get dyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In order to get your hands on Dyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will need to venture to a specific area in Bakbattahl. To be precise, you will have to make your way to the northwestern side near the Bakbattahl Pawn Guild.

Once you reach the area marked on the map above you will have to go through the narrow path and find the NPC merchant called Alexia. She can be spotted quite easily at this location standing on a sea blue mat, and there will be a globe present on her table.

You can approach this particular merchant, speak with her and proceed with selecting the option to buy the items Alexia has listed for sale. This will include five colored dyes namely Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple. Each of these Dyes will be priced at 500 RC in Dragon’s Dogma 2.


Make sure you have farmed at least 2,500 Rift Crystals so you can purchase all dyes in one visit and save yourself some travel time. Luckily, all dyes unlock a variety of shades of that color, so ultimately, you will have a lot of new options to customize colors instead of just five.

How to use dyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Now that you have purchased different dyes from the merchant, the next step will be to use these dyes to customize your appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

For that matter, you will need to head to Mettefere’s Cosmetics which is situated next to the Mercantile Ward in Bakbattahl. You can easily find the location marked on the map above. This specific shop can be identified by a ton of posters hanging outside it.

You can head inside and speak with the Merchant called Mettefere. If you desire a new look, you can proceed with the option of handing over all your dyes to her. Mettefere will also tell you that she has acquired some new techniques. You will be able to apply these dyes according to the following options

  • You can change your Hair color, costing you 10,000 Gold.
  • You can adjust your Makeup for 10,000 Gold
  • You can give Markings for 10,000 Gold
  • You can Change Multiple for 25,000 Gold

You will get several options for changing the color of body hair, facial hair, eyebrows, etc., using the dyes you purchased earlier from Alexia. Once you have selected any one of these options, you can simply finalize the selection with Modify your appearance button.


Unfortunately, there is no way to dye your armor or change its appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Dyes can only be applied to hair, makeup, and tattoos/body markings.

Keep in mind that you can apply these dyes not only on your Arisen character in Dragon’s Dogma 2 but also on your Main Pawn.

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