Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Memorite Location Guide

Search for the hidden Memorites as Gohan with this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot locations guide and aid Bulma with her quests to gain XP

Finding the Memorites is a mini-quest that you take on in episode 8 with Gohan as your character. If you are confused on how to find these rocks, let our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Memorite Location guide help you.

Memorites are stones that you’ll be tasked to find so you can complete Epsiode 8 – Android Saga of DBZ Kakarot.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Memorite Location

Near the end of Episode 8, you’ll find yourself eating a meal as Goku with ChiChi, after which your character will change and you’ll be playing as Gohan for the next quest.

As soon as Gohan is leaving the house, Bulma will give him a quest to find the three Memorites. A marker will start showing on the map for the location where the three Memorites are situated.

To get there, follow the green circular mark on the map to find a rocky terrain. The Memorites are scattered in the rock pillars there, that are shaped in a circular formation. To find them easily, press L1 to see the purple ki of the Memorites. The yellow ki is of organisms; trees and animals.

One of the rocks is in between two of the pillars. Another is around the inside corner of one of the pillars; this one is a little hard to find. The last one is at the bottom of the pillars facing the flat side of one of the pillars.

Completing tasks like these is essential to progressing through the main story of the game and experience the events of the anime, in a somewhat different form. While this guide helped you complete the task and find Memorites, don’t forget that simply sticking to the main path will leave your characters weak.

Just like every other RPG, make sure to participate in a lot of side content to increase your character’s XP and acquire new abilities. Who knows, you might even find the fabled Dragon Balls to have your wishes come true.

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