How to Collect and Use Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Shenron from the anime; similar to most previous Dragon Ball games, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot features Shenron as well who can be summoned by getting all of the 7 Dragon Balls found throughout your journey. We will show you How to Collect and Use Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Once you collect these special crystal balls in DBZ Kakarot, you will be able to summon the almighty Shenron who will grant you the wishes you need.

How to Collect and Use Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Getting all of these Dragon Balls requires you to find them out in the open world; but how can one find these magical balls you may ask; well, the answer is simple and you probably already know it, The Dragon Radar! Bulma’s Dragon Radar is your best hope of finding these items as fast as possible. Collect all of these babies, gather them up and make a wish!

3 out of the 4 wishes are extremely straight-forward but reviving a villain of the Z-Fighters is probably one of the more useful options due to the following reasons.

Getting to the part where you can start freely collecting these magical balls requires you to finish Frieza in the main story. Once done, you will be able to free roam in the world and collect these shiny balls in the midst of story arcs. Take your time before you end the saga to collect all of these as the rewards aren’t something that should be skipped out on.

The Dragon Balls’ rough location in DBZ Kakarot can be determined within an area if the Orange Ball appears at the bottom left of the area icon. At this point, you will now whip out your Dragon Radar and track the hidden ball in your area. Use your mobility to get to these balls in the world.

Dragon Balls and their uses
Once you have successfully collected all of these magic crystals, open the menu and select Dragon Balls and choose the wish that you desire.

Getting all of the Dragon Balls will allow you to make a wish from four options namely:

  • Revive a Boss – Allows you to fight a boss, previously fought in the campaign albeit this time they will be much tougher with a chance of dropping their respective soul emblem and giving better XP.
  • Z Orbs – Get more Z Orbs.
  • Zeni – Get 3000 Zeni.
  • Rare Item – Receive a rare item.

Resurrecting Enemies
Resurrecting old enemies isn’t just a boring grind, but the chance of seeing all-new exclusive dialogues based solely on the respective transformation is a treat in and of itself.

The idea of bringing Cell back, or Frieza back is obviously pretty weird as they could destroy the planet within a few seconds, but this isn’t real life and a player’s got to find a way to grind. By defeating these new and improved enemy bosses you will gain a lot of XP points and give you Soul Emblems for your community board.

As you face these enemies over and over again, you will face a tougher version of the boss each time it is resurrected.

Fast Way to Get Z-Orbs and Zeni
Using the Dragon Balls, again and again, is a pretty worth it alternative; to getting a significant amount of bonus in the Z-Orbs and Zeni department. Take some time out in exploring the world to get the Dragon Balls so that you may benefit from this side-activity wildly.

Dragon Balls can be benefited from wildly, so go ahead and make sure to take some time out for finding these things and using them according to your characters’ needs.

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