Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Frozen Rabbit Meat Location Guide

If you are lost about the location of Frozen Rabbit Meat to cook in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, this guide should prove useful

As a part of one of the ending quests of Android Saga in DBZ Kakarot, you’ll have to find frozen rabbit meat for ChiChi to make her special meal for Goku. Read on for our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Frozen Rabbit Meat Location Guide.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Frozen Rabbit Meat Location

The thing about the Frozen Rabbit Meat is that you cannot find rabbits just hopping around in the fields or anywhere else, catch them and then freeze their meat.

Frozen Rabbit Meat is found mainly in just one location only, which the map does not point to either nor is there any guiding waypoint to it. To find Frozen Rabbit Meat, you must find the specific location, and we will walk you through it with the help of this DBZ Kakarot guide.

The Frozen Rabbit Meat Location is in the Darlinge Polynya Region (Northern Mountains) on the World Map.

Once there, you have to find a hut east of the part-frozen lake inside the forest. You’ll identify it by the smoke that is rising from its chimney.

Now go south of that place to find an ice block inside the forest. There’ll be a man standing next to it with a dialogue option on him. He will tell you about the Frozen Rabbit Meat inside the ice block.

Break the ice block with a ki blast to retrieve the rabbit meat. If you don’t find the rabbit meat in there, try manually saving and reloading the game.

Once you have it, get it back to ChiChi along with other items she requested to complete this meaty quest.

Fetch quests like these, or finding Memorites, are a regular part of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot gameplay experience thanks to its new RPG mechanics. While they may seem boring, you should try to do as many of them as possible to earn more XP.

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