Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Sex Guide – How To Romance

Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Sex tips to help you romance with all companions / party members and advisors.

Ofttimes, while conversing with Advisors and Party Members, a romance dialogue option will appear. You can seize this opportunity to flirt with the other characters which may also net you some ‘Approval Rating’.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Romance

In order to initiate a romantic interaction with the other character, you need to keep up with these small flirtatious remarks and gain positive ‘Approval Rating’.

Moreover, you’ll be required to complete Inner Quests for your Party Members. Lastly, your Race and Gender are extremely important. Simply put: you just can’t romance everyone in the game.

This guide is designed to answer all your queries regarding Romantic Interactions in the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition Companions / Party Members

Cassandra Pentaghast
Romantic Interests: Male of any Race

Similar to romance with every other character, start off with small flirtatious remarks to initiate things. Try and complete her Inner Circle Quests which are Unfinished Business and Promise of Destruction to increase your pace.

Another thing that you can do is to ask Verric to write a new issue of Swords & Shields for her Guilty Pleasures as a part of her Gift Quest.

At one point in Skyhold, Cassandra will tell you that this thing is not going to lead anywhere, but you need to keep on insisting and she’ll eventually give in.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that while you’re in a romantic relationship with Cassandra, you won’t be able to start any other romantic interaction.

In order to do so, you must break up first and then start another relationship.

Romantic Interests: Any Female Elf

After gaining a little ‘Approval Rating’, take Solas from Skyhold to Haven and kiss him there – provided that you’ve shared enough flirtatious remarks and are a female elf.

Soon after this, Solas will ask you to free a spirit without killing it during the combat. Successfully doing so will net you a strong ‘Approval Rating’ and failed to do so will make any further romantic interactions with Solas next to impossible.

Keep up with the process and Solas will eventually ask you out, saying that he has been greatly fascinated by you. Lastly, as for culminating romance, you’ll have to complete Temple of Mythal.

Romantic Interests: Female of any Race

Although Sera can be romanced using a female of any Race, odds are in the favor of Qunri more than Humans and Dwarfs. Another important thing is completing The Verchiel March.

Furthermore, if you’re already in a romantic relationship with someone else, Sera will ask you to talk to them first before moving on.

Once you have done everything mentioned above, you’ll be asked to complete A Woman Who Wants for Nothing. I would advise to bring Vivienne along for better odds. As for culminating, you need to ensure that all friendship and friend hub topics are complete.

Romantic Interests: Female belonging to any Race

Blackwall is one of my favorite characters when it comes to romantic interactions. The reason for this is that he’s extremely easygoing when it comes to romance and especially, flirting.

You can express your feelings for him after Haven’s destruction, but he’ll tell you that this isn’t the right time. In order to make him give in, you need to complete his quests and maintain a positive rating.

Keep up with the high ‘Approval Rating’, and Blackwall will eventually call you to Storm Coast as a part of his Gift Plot.

Finally, Blackwall will leave Skyhold and the party as a part of his Personal Plot, Revelations. Once completed, you’ll be free to either send Blackwall to the Grey Warden or ask him to choose his own path.

With Blackwall back in the Inquisition, you’ll be able to culminate the romance by speaking to him at the stables in Skyhold.

The Iron Bull
Romantic Interests: Anyone

Pursuing a relationship with The Iron Bull is as simple as it can get. You need to complete his plot and keep up with flirtatious remarks.

Eventually, he’ll appear in your room where you’ll have the option to ask him for sex. Once you’re done with sex, talk to Bull to discuss rules about the relationship. Agree on his terms and start off your romantic journey.

Bull will also talk about a special necklace crafted from a dragon’s teeth.

At this point, find a dragon and kill it followed by using its teeth to craft a necklace and gift it to The Iron Bull. At this point, you’ll be able to publically announce your relationship or end it permanently. Your call!

Romantic Interests: Male belonging to any Race

You won’t be able to kick off your romantic interests with Dorian until you’ve completed his Personal Plot, Last Resort of Good Men. At the end of this quest, speak to Dorian about your interest in him to start things off.

Keep up with romantic remarks and Leliana will eventually call you about his Romance Plot, The Magister’s Birthright. You need to make sure that you don’t kill Ponchard, even by mistake as it’ll seal off all your romantic options with Dorian.

Once you have completed the Romance Plot, talk to him in Skyhold where he’ll suggest moving to your quarters – it’s culmination time. As for breaking up, there are no restrictions as you can break up any time you want.


Romantic Interests: Only a female Human or Elf

If you intend to romance Cullen, note that the opportunity will not present itself if you’re already in a relationship with someone else. It’s important to break up every other romantic relationship before approaching Cullen.

Another thing to keep in mind is never discuss Lyrium with Cullen. Even if you’re halfway through the relationship, talking about taking Lyrium will instantly end the relationship.

As for breaking up with him, speak to him in Skyhold and boom!

Romantic Interests: Anyone

She’s one of the most liberal women when it comes to romantic interactions in Dragon Age: Inquisition. To kick start the process, you need to talk to Josephine in Skyhold and begin flirting.

Keep up with this and Leliana will eventually ask you about your romantic interest. Once this talk is done, speak with Josephine to trigger the romantic interactions. As simple as it can be!

As for breaking up with her, once again talk to her at her desk in Skyhold and say that you wanted to call off all romantic interests permanently.

If you need further assistance, let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!

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