Dragon Age Inquisition Agents Locations Guide – How to Recruit, Quests, Perk Bonus

Dragon Age Inquisition Agents Locations to help you recruit all free agents in the game by completing quests to unlock perk bonus and reduce operations completion time.

Throughout your journey in Dragon: Age Inquisition, you’ll be able to recruit Free Agents for the Inquisition. These Free Agents, once recruited, can be assigned to Cullen, Leliana, or Josephine.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Agents Locations

Once assigned to one of your Advisors, these will reduce the War Table Missions completion time. Furthermore, these will also ensure that you unlock Advanced Perks quicker than before.

Recruiting Free Agents can be as easy as simply talking to them or daunting when it comes to completing their quests. Lastly, you may have to bring along one of your Party Members in order to persuade these Free Agents to join your cause.

Quest Completion: Sit in Judgment
Perk Bonus: The Noble Cadaver

She can be found at Skyhold and may die at Halamshiral. In case she dies before you were able to approach her, you’ll find her remains at Skyhold.

Quest Completion: Sit in Judgment
Perk Bonus: Servis

You’ll encounter Servis in the Western Approach and will have a chance to judge him at Skyhold. This dude can be assigned to Leliana and can prove to be a worthy informant.

Quest Completion: Sit in Judgment
Perk Bonus: A Magister in Disgrace

There are chances that you won’t find him alive after the events at Redcliffe Castle. However, if you do, you’ll be able to judge him at Skyhold.

He can also be assigned to Leliana and can perform magical-research which will prove beneficial for the Inquisition.

Michel de Chevin
Quest Completion: Call Me Imshael
Perk Bonus: Michel de Chevin

Note: Make sure that you don’t fight Imshael located at Suledin Keep before you recruit Michel de Chevin – if you wish to do so.

You need to speak to him outside the village in Emprise du Lion and hear about Imshael. At this point, you need to travel to Suledin Keep and defeat Imshael before recruiting Michel de Chevin.

Barter by Belle
Quest Completion: The Threat Remains
Perk Bonus: Barter by Belle

You can speak to this merchant located in Val Royeaux after speaking with clerics. Belle can be assigned to Josephine which will reduce the mission completion time by 5% which is huge.

Enchanter Ellendra
Quest Completion: My Lover’s Phylactery
Perk Bonus: Enchanter Ellendra

There are multiple ways she can convinced to join your crusade. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that you can do:

Bring Vivienne along to convince her
Play the game as a Mage
Use Arcane Persuade option

Horsemaster Dennet
Quest Completion: Horses for the Inquisition
Perk Bonus: Horsemaster Dennet

You can bring Cassandra or Vivienne along in order to convince this man to join your crusade. I haven’t tried any other way, but he seems quite stubborn to leave his entire family behind.

Lord Berand
Quest Completion: Love Waits
Perk Bonus: Lord Berand

With Lord Berand, you’ve the option of either make him take active part in the tasks for the Inquisition or work from behind the curtains, using his lordship.

He can be assigned to either Cullen or Josephine and reduces the mission completion time by 5% which is again, very huge.

Quest Completion: Strange Bedfellows
Perk Bonus: Witty Ritts

You either need to be a Dwarf Inquisitor or bring along Varric in order to convince Ritts to join your cause. Similar to Lord Berand, she reduces the mission completion time by 5%, but can only be assigned to Leliana.

Quest Completion: In Hushed Whispers
Perk Bonus: Clemence, the Tranquil

You’ll have an opportunity to recruit Clemence in your crusade after meeting with Alexius in the Gull & Lantern tavern in Redcliffe.

He, himself, will volunteer to join your cause and will reduce mission completion time by 5%.

Speaker Anais
Quest Completion: Praise the Herald of Andraste
Perk Bonus: Speaker Anais

Once you’ve shut down the rift during Priase the Herald of Andraste, you’ll be able to talk to Anais about joining your cause and recruiting her for either Josephine or Leliana.

Quest Completion: Business Arrangements
Perk Bonus: Smuggler Tanner

You’ll be able to encounter Tanner in Redcliffe, right next to Chantry. You need to bring Cassandra in order to foce him to join your cause and work under Leliana.

Corporal Vale
Quest Completion: Hinterlands Quests
Perk Bonus: Vale’s Irregulars

In order to recruit Corporal Vale, you need to aid refugees at the Crossraods. You may have to complete quite a lot of quests before speaking to Corporal Vale.

Quest Completion: Rifts in the Mire
Perk Bonus: Sky Watcher
You’ll come across this Agent in the Fallow Mire. In order to recruit him, you need to open the Fade rift and kill the demons inside to recruit Avvar. One important thing to note here is that if you leave the designated area before speaking to him, you won’t be able to recruit him again.

The Blades of Hessarian
Quest Completion: Cleaning House
Perk Bonus: The Blades of Hessarian

For this Agent, you need to craft and equip Mercy’s Crest necklace. Once you’re inside the camp, you’ll have to defeat the bandit’s leader in a one-on-one combat.

Once you’ve emerged out victorious, you’ll be able to hire these bandits to work under Cullen.

Quest Completion: N/A
Perk Bonus: The Eager Recruit

Once you’ve encountering Grey Wardens near the North Gate Camp, enter the house nearby to find Jana inside. She’ll be willing to join Grey Wardens, but Solas can change her mind.

Quest Completion: The Abyssal High Dragon
Perk Bonus: Frederic of Serault

Once you’ve completed The Abyssal High Dragon quest, he’ll volunteer to join the Inquisition. It’s totally up to you whether you wish to join or not.

Quest Completion: By the Grace of the Dalish
Perk Bonus: Loranil

First off, you need to earn a favor with Keeper Hawen at the Dalish Camp. You can do this by completing quests of all the Dalish found in the camp. Once this is done, you’ll be able to recruit him.

Quest Completion: Noble Deeds, Noble Heart
Perk Bonus: Fairbanks
This requires you to complete a lot of quests before you have the opportunity to hire this guy. Once you’ve completed the above mentioned quests, you’ll be able to recruit this valuable agent.

Ser Barris
Quest Completion: Champions of the Just
Perk Bonus: Ser Barris

For this Agent, you need to side with Templars during Champions of the Just. He will work directly under Cullen and will reduce mission completion time by 5%.

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