Dragon Age Inquisition Inner Circle Quests Guide – Increase Approval, Romance

How to complete all Dragon Age Inquisition Inner Circle Quests for your companions to increase approval rating and chances of romance.

The word of Inquisition’s formation reached out to lands far away. Lords, warriors, sorcerers and rogues joined hands to make the world a better place for oppressed and weak.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Inner Circle Quests

Your advisors/companions have their own histories, agendas and needs that must be addressed by someone – YOU.

These agendas and needs are referred as Inner Circle Quests. Completing Inner Circle Quests increases your Approval Rating and Romantic Options. Make sure to complete them whenever you can!

Unfinished Business
This is provided by Cassandra at Skyhold.

Ser Torn, the rogue can be found roaming with one of his allies near the Forest Camp. He likes to dodge and keep a safe distance, but you shouldn’t have much difficulty tackling the duo. Leo can be found in Echoback Canyon with three other mages. He’s pretty good with ice-elemental damage.

Ser Hildebrandt can be found in Crow Fens with a small battalion of archers at his side. He wields a strong shield so frontal attacks ain’t even an option. Jepler can be found inside the Hopwood of the Emerald Graves with an army of mages at his side.

And lastly, Gordon can be found near Elfsblood Tower with another mage. He easily the toughest foe you’ll encounter in this Inner Quest.

Promise of Destruction
This is provided by Cassandra at Skyhold.

After unlocking the Castle of Caer Oswin, scale the outskirts of the dungeon until you come across a dungeon door. Defeat the foot-soldiers and loot their bodies to retrieve a key.

Use this key to gain access to castle’s interior. Make sure to enter castle’s courtyard from the west side and use archers in your party to kill enemies below.

Speak to Cassandra after she finds the note followed by taking the stairs on the north side. Fight your way through until you come across a wounded seeker, Daniel. Daniel divulges that all of this is Lord Seeker Lucius’ doing.

After Cassandra puts Daniel out of the misery, take the stairs nearby to come across another courtyard. Lord Seeker Lucius is immune to electricity and spirit-based damage. Wait until he and his allies are in the same place and hit with a hard-hitting AOE attack to kill him.

Guilty Pleasures
This is provided by Cassandra at Skyhold.

This is an extremely simple and linear quest. Simply find Varric and convince him to complete Swords & Shields. That’s it!

The Ideal Romance
This is provided by Cassandra after the completion of Guilty Pleasures.

Travel to Redcliffe to find a poetry book for Cassandra, only to find out that the book has been stolen. Track down the robbers, beat them good, and retrieve the book. Next, travel to Val Royeaux; purchase some flowers from a gardener and search nearby stores for some candles.

Return to Cassandra to kick off your romantic journey with her.

Measuring the Veil
This is provided by Solas at Haven.

Set out on your journey to find the artifact with Solas as an active party member. You’ll come across a warrior named Mihris on your way. Mihris will tell you that she’s also looking for an artifact. You can either ask her to accompany you or leave the area.

Go inside the cave and banish demons within. You’ll find the artifact at the farthest backside of the cave. If you brought Mihris along, you can ask Solas to convince her to hand over the artifact.

All New, Faded for Her
This is provided by Solas at Skyhold.

In order to destroy the summoning circle, you’ll need to destroy four summoning stones. After disrupting the summoning circle, you can either let Solas punish the mages or leave them – neither of two has any consequences.

Meet Solas in Skyhold to have him back in your party.

Seeing Red
This is provided by Varric at Haven.

Varric is horrified at the sight of Red Lyrium, as evident from the prologue mission. He requires you to destroy 12 depositions scattered across the world map.

These locations are marked on your world map so it shouldn’t be hard. After destroying 12 depositions, speak to Varric to complete this Inner Circle Quest.

Well, Shit
This is provided by Varric at Skyhold.

Travel into Valammar while fighting your way through Carta or darkspawns on your way. Go towards the Halls of the Elders and wait for Bianca to open the door. Head inside the area and clear out all the smugglers.

You’ll recover the key to the Lyrium at the end of the fighting. There isn’t much that you need to do next except making a couple of choices. Head back to Skyhold to speak with Varric and try to console him to complete this mission.

A Friend of Red Jenny
This is provided by the strange arrow in the market after addressing clerics in Val Royeaux.

The only hard red satchel to find is the one in the upper market. Take the blue doors on the southwest edge of the market to get to the balcony above.

After finding all three red satchels, travel to the newly-appeared courtyard and fend off attackers. Head inside the door on the west side to meet up with Sera, an elven rogue archer who will ask you to join the Inquisition. Your call!

The Verchiel March
This is provided by Sera in Skyhold.

Travel to Verchiel and clear out all the attackers in the area. Once the battle is over, Lord Pel Harmond will step up and apologize. At this point, you can either allow Sera to kill Lord Pel Harmond or allow him to walk free.

Your choice may earn Sera’s Approval/Disapproval. After arriving back at Skyhold, you can apologize to Sera to make things right again.

A Woman Who Wants for Nothing
This is provided by Sera after being in romance with her.

This is yet another simple mission. You’re required to talk to everyone in Inquisition about what a woman like Sera may like as a gift.

The Imperial Enchanter
This is provided by Circle Mage Messenger in Val Royeaux market.

This is again an extremely linear and straightforward Inner Circle Quest. Travel to Ghyslain Estate and make a couple of choices to complete this quest and expand Inquisition.

Favors the First Enchanter
This is provided by Vivienne at Skyhold.

The first tome is located on a bulwark to the north side of Crossroads – on the main road leading to Redcliffe. Another tome is located in the Shimmer Stone Mine, near Nazaire’s Pass.

The last tome is located inside a burnt house in the Riel Region. Don’t forget to bring Vivienne along for some additional Approval.

Bring Me the Heart of Snow White
This is provided by Vivienne at Skyhold.

Grab your party and head towards the Crow Fens in the Exalted Plains. You’ll need to a heart from a snowy wyvern. Once you’ve the heart, return to Vivienne and speak to her to complete this quest.

In return, she’ll thank you and tell you her why she wanted the heart.

The Lone Warden
This is provided by Leliana in Haven.

You’ll find Blackwall on the western shore of Lake Luthias in the Hinterlands. You’ll have to protect Blackwall and his recruits from bandit attackers.

After the battle, interrogate Blackwall about the disappearance of the Grey Wardens. After telling his story, Blackwall will volunteer to join the Inquisition. One important thing: recruit Blackwall before leaving for Adamant.

Memories of the Grey
This is provided by Leliana in Haven.

It’s better to have Blackwall with you on this quest. The artifacts that you need to collect are not hard to find. Every time you’re near an artifact, your mini-map will start pinging, giving you a clue.

This is provided by Blackwall at Skyhold.

Summon your party and travel to Storm Coast with Blackwall. Arrive at Small Grove Camp and move towards the south side.

Conduct a thorough search on the nearby cliff. After finding Blackwall’s badge and learning about his previous life, the mission will complete. Return to Skyhold and converse with Blackwall to initiate your romantic journey with him

This is provided by Blackwall after he has left the Inquisition.

Travel to Val Royeaux to see Blackwall behind bars. Meet up with Blackwall at the prison to learn more about his history. Since this section contains some spoilers, I won’t discuss them here.

After speaking with Blackwall, speak with Cullen and learn more about the situation. At this point, you can either throw Blackwall out of the Inquisition or get him out of prison and meet up with him at the Skyhold.

One important thing: don’t wait until you’ve completed the game to rescue Blackwall.

The Captain of the Chargers
This is provided by Krem in Haven.

Arrive at the Storm Coast and head towards northwest edge to find Iron Bull and his allies fighting off Tevinter. After helping Iron Bull win the battle, he’ll tell you that he’s a spy working for Ben-Hassrath.

Iron Bull will tell you that he’ll deliver the Inquisition’s proceedings to Ben-Hassrath. In return, he’ll be willing to share Qunari secret-police’s secret with you. Should you choose to accept Iron Bull, he’ll join the Inquisition.

Demands of the Qun
This is provided by Iron Bull.

Head to Storm Coast with Iron Bull and learn about his plans to disrupt a Red Lyrium smuggling operation. After the briefing, speak with Iron Bull to begin the assault. Enemies are scattered in different positions, but you’ll be able to manage them without difficulty.

At this point, a small army of mages will appear on the scene. If you choose to sacrifice Iron Bull’s men, you’ll secure the alliance with the Ben-Hassrath. If you choose to betray Ben-Hassrath, all hopes for an alliance are crushed. It’s your choice!

It hardly matters whatever choice you make when it comes to your and Iron Bull’s relationship.

Tough Love
This is provided by Iron Bull.

This mission is to advance romantic interaction with Iron Bull. If you want to do so, follow the steps below:

  • Kill a dragon and collect one of its teeth
  • Collect one piece of Obsidian
  • Craft the Necklace of Kadan using the dragon’s teeth
  • Gift Iron Bull the Necklace of Kadan to initiate romance

You must meet all pre-requisites of the romantic interactions to kick off this journey.

The Forgotten Boy
This is provided by Cole at Skyhold.

Start off by speaking to Cole. He’ll tell you about his nature and how he likes people. This is your chance to either recruit Cole in the Inquisition or send him away. Solas will slightly approve if you recruit Cole and Vivienne will slightly disapprove.

Subjected to His Will
This is provided by Cole at Skyhold.

After acquiring the amulet, find Cole at the Skyhold tavern. At this point, you’ll require to do quite a lot of things to make the amulet work. After deciding what needs to be done, head towards the Redcliffe.

After an unexpected turn of events, Varric and Solas will debate regarding Cole’s true identity. One important thing to bear in mind is that your decision at this point will determine Cole’s future contribution to your party.

Last Resort of Good Men
This is provided by Dorian at Skyhold.

You start off this mission by advising Dorian about his father. You can decided to hop along Dorian to speak with his father. After learning about Dorian’s history, you can either urge him to hold his anger or retaliate.

Whatever you choice be, this will make Dorian extremely loyal to your cause. You’ll also be able to romance him in future if you’re a male inquisitor.

One less Venatori
This is provided by Dorian at Skyhold.

Dorian is eager to show his loyalty to the Inquisition. It’s better to have him in your party as you kill three groups of Venatori in Thedas. With Dorian in your presence, you’ll be able to earn his approval with each kill.

The Left Hand of the Divine
This is provided by Leliana at Skyhold.

While Netalie and Leliana are conversing, conduct a serach in the nearby areas. Use search feature to find three mechanism in the chantry. After finding them all, interact with a secret door to the north side.

Out of nowhere, Leliana will threaten to kill Natalie. At this point, you can persuade Leliana not to kill her. Depending on your previous decisions, Leliana will either kill Natalie or not.

Head inside the secret door to find the box inside to be empty. Depending on how you’ve influenced Leliana in the past will determine her reaction to your choices at this point. Whatever you say, meet up with Leliana at Skyhold to conclude this Inner Circle Quest.

Happier Times
This is provided by Cullen at Skyhold.

Cullen will ask you to travel to Ferelden with him. He’ll take you to a small lake in rural Ferelden. Here, Cullen will remember his childhood and will kiss you. Enjoy the moment with this ex-Templar and return to Skyhold to complete this Inner Circle Quest.

This is provided by Cullen at Skyhold.

This mission begins with Cullen having second-thoughts about being your Advisor. If you’ve maintained a good relationship with him, you can take him through all this. Another part of this quest is helping Cullen fight off his Lyrium addiction.

Head towards Cullen’s office and speak to him. You can either tell him to control his addiction or ask him to continue with it. If you choose the latter option, you’ll have to reinforce this decision once again at Skyhold.

Heraldry from a Herald
This is provided by Josephine at Skyhold.

This is one simple Inner Circle Quest related to Josephine. After you’ve completed her Personal Quest, head towards her office and ask whether her ancestors were Orlesian. This triggers a War Table mission to find a crest.

Once you’ve found the crest, head towards Val Royeaux to purchase it from one of the merchants. Return to Josephine to gift her the present that you bought and begin a romantic journey with her.

An Unexpected Engagement
This is provided by Josephine at Skyhold.

For this mission, if you’ve Underworld Knowledge perk, you can discredit Otranto before the duel and send some of Leliana’s spies for some information.

Otranto will accept your duel’s invitation and will meet you in Val Royeaux. As the duel begins, Josephine will interfere in the duel. At this point, you can either further reinforce your relationship with her or break if off completely.

Whatever you choose, Otranto will retreat from the battle leaving two lovebirds with their problems.

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