Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough

Dragon Age 2 features all the new adventure calling you to the hero whose stories of bravery will be told for the years to come.

Dragon Age 2 features all new adventure calling you to be the hero whose stories of bravery will be told for the years to come.

Our Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough will guide you be that hero – focusing on every decision that would effect the outcome of the game.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Prologue and Act 1

Prologue – The Destruction of Lothering

Dragon Age 2 – Act 1

Prologue – The Destruction of Lothering

The first thing you will do is the character selection. You can either choose a mage (male or a female), warrior (male or a female) or Rogue (male or a female). Each class has it’s strength and weaknesses. Male or female character don’t have any drawback or advantage over each other.

Note: This walkthrough will feature Hawke as the main protagonist.

After the initial cutscene, you will head straight into the battle with darkspawn where you will learn the basics. Follow the on screen instructions to learn about the basic and activated attacks. Activated abilities have specific cool down time and they also can consume extra stamina. So make sure that you make them count as you won’t be able to use the recklessly.

After the cutscene (Verric is telling the story), you will face a couple of waves of enemies. Keep changing your position so that you are not crowded by enemies. Keep on moving along the path till you meet Avelin and Wesly.Don’t forget to gather any collectibles found in the area. Also don’t forget to level up your characters on regular basis. If you find it hectic to upgrade manually, you can choose “auto level up” option to spend those points properly.

Confrontation with Ogre won’t be easy. Darkspawn will make things tougher. Here you need to keep moving. It is better that you thin the darkspawn first and then deal with the with the monster. If you are left alone (other companions are knocked out) and you are low on health, run away till you restore your health and stamina. Make your that you use the health potions regularly (that heart shaped icon at the bottom right of the screen).

Once you have defeated that creature, a long cutscene will follow and you will be on your way to Kirkwall. After the initial cutscene, speak to the guards which will lead to a conflict with the other deserters. After dealing with them, you will have the options to enter the city:

Speak to Athenril
She will ask you to collect money form Carvile. You can choose to be peaceful first or can adopt the aggressive approach. Conflict with guards will earn you more XP. Take the chest back to Athenril.

Speak to Meeran
Meeran will ask you to deal with Friedrich and his men. You will have to fight sooner or later. You can either choose the dialogue “I came here to kill you” to directly initiate the fight or choose other dialogues where Friedrich will leave and then you fight with his Pensionaries. This fight will be a little tougher. The best thing to do here is that you select all the characters and direct them to the main courtyard area where Ewald and his allies will help you in the fight. Talk to Gamlen and then begins your adventure in Kirkwall city.

Act 1

Feel free to explore the new city and get used to it as you are going to spend a lot of time here.

A Friend in Guard
In High Town (use map for guidance), move south to meet Aveline in Viscount’s Keep. The marker on the mini map will show her exact location. She will offer you a job. Accept the offer and she will join your ranks. She can be a useful asset to your squad.

A New Home
Head Low Town and Visit Gamlen’s house. There is nothing troublesome in this small quest.

Business Discussion
In Low Town, meet “Verric” (this small chubby guy has got some skills) in Hanged Man.

With Aveline and Verric on your side, you can begin this main plot quest. In Low Town after meeting Lerine, pay a visit to mage. Accept the job and meet Karl in Chantry. The fight after meeting with Karl involves Templars. Before you go for the Lieutenant and the Hunter, it’s better that you deal with easy foes first like arches and other Templar soldiers.

Long Way Home
After talking with Marethari (the keeper), you will get another member in the party (the Dalish Mage). Although you won’t be able to control her but her presence will be helpful against the undead foes.

After entering Sundermount Caverns, more enemies will attack (a couple of waves). Try not to climb those wooden stairs because if you do, you will invite more enemies into the battle. Merrill will take care of the barrier. Your reaction to her magic will affect her relationship with you.

Move further and a hectic battle awaits including Skeleton Archers and Shadow Warrior. Avoid Warrior attacks till you have dealt with other easy foes. Engaging powerful foes first usually is not a good idea as other weaker foes (more in number) can surround you and inflict more damage. Interaction with Alter follows a long cutscene and then you will find yourself back to the camp. Head to Low Town along with your new companion.

Wayward Son
For this quest, it is recommended that your take Verric and Aveline with you. It’s a long quest with various alternate solutions. First thing you should do after taking the quest is that you should meet with Thrask and tell him that you want to help Feynriel. Make Aveline to persuade him to accept your help.

Then after having the required info from Samson, move to Arthrusi’s private Dock. Use Verric to neutralize the traps in the main room. The battle (after defeating some easy enemies) with Captain Reiner will be quite a challenging task.AoE attacks can be effective in that narrow area of the room. If you are struggling to keep up with him, you may want to take the battle to the main room where you can deal with them gradually. Collect Thrask’s letter and move to Dark Town to meet Danzig.

His initial troops would be easy pickings while you can have tough time dealing with the reinforcements. If you somehow manage to position your party at the top of the stairs, you can have the tactical advantage which will make things easy for you. Search the area and gather all useful items before your leave for the next destination i.e Slaver Caverns.

A group of Slavers will attack you. Again, try avoiding the Slaver Mage’s attacks till you are free to tackle him. You can use Verric for a peaceful negotiation with Varian. Now you need to decide whether you want to send Fynriel to the Circle or the Dalish Camp (letter choice will be better). Now head to the Wounder Coast to tell Arianni about her son. This will conclude this quest.

Shepherding Wolves
Nothing difficult till you accept the offer from Sister Petrice. First few confrontations will be relatively easy. AoE attacks against the thugs can be useful. Battle with Arvaarad and company is a tough one. Being a commander, he can boost enemy stats around you. You can’t afford to deal with him till you have removed other weak enemies. If you are sharp enough and are using health potions regularly, you will soon get rid of him. Head back to Sister Petrice to complete the quest.

Black Powder Promise
At the Wounded Coast, while heading north, you will face foes that are resistant to fire and electricity but are susceptible to cold and nature element attacks like the ones used by mages.

These Tal-Vashoth enemies will attack in waves. First wave is easy while the second one will require precise execution of AoE attacks. Tal-Vasoth leader should be your priority as he can boost his allies. Make sure that you get rid of Tal-Vashoth mage asap as he can cause a lot of disturbance in your ranks. After the fight is over, visit the Qunari compound to complete the quest.

Act of Mercy
On your way to the quest marker inside runaways’ cavern, you will be interrupted by some enemies. You need to focus all the attacks to that Blood Mage and then you can take care of the rest. Up next is the confrontation with Decimus. It’s important that you get rid of the Blood Mages as they can extract blood from your companions and the ones with low health can be knocked out in not time.

At the end of the fight, after assuring the mages escape, promise to lie with Thrask. Return to the entrance and leave the cavern (there will be a couple of easy confrontations before you leave the area). You can use Verric for peaceful settlement or you can be aggressive to gather some points. You can begin the fight by telling that you are a friend of the mages. Beware of the Templar Hunter as he will target your weaker party members. Settling things using Verric is easy and appropriate.

Enemies Among Us
After the cutscene at Wildmod’s camp, you will soon be engaged in a battle with Abominations and Wildmod. The demon that will appear at the end of the battle should be addressed carefully. Cold-based spells can be useful in bringing down this creature.

While in conversation with Indunna, select one of your mages and choose the dialogue “You can’t control me”. After questioning her, choose the option to send her to the Templars. There will be a couple of waves of enemies waiting for you in the Sanctuary. A Demon Rage will also appear. You should use the same strategy (Cold-based spells) against it. Other small battles won’t cause you any trouble.

Battle with Tarohne and company will be tougher. Try moving your squad to the east side of the room. Defeat the appeared Abominations first and then turn your attention to Tarohne and Desire Demon. They have the ability to inflict serious damage so make sure that you use health potions on regular basis. After speaking with Keran, meet with Cullen and insist that the young Templar is fit to play his part. That will be all for this quest.

Note: A part from the main quests, there are many other secondary quests you can complete to improve the stats of your party members.

Friends in Low Places
If you haven’t been able to pay the funds to Bartrand, you should accept Dougal’s offer to get the required amount of funds.

The Deep Road Expedition
You should make some preparations for this long quest like some health potions and injury kits. It is recommended that you go with the members as ranged attackers and one play the defensive role. Deliver maps to Grey Warden and 50 sovereigns to Bartrand, meet dwarf and let him know that you are ready to leave.

Bodhan will ask you to find Sandal. Be careful of the Darkspawn Emissaries as they can be dangerous if left un noticed during the battle. After catching up with Sandal, head North to face more waves of Darkspawn. Ranged attacks can be effective from distance.

Next, you will face a Dragon accompanied with smaller dragons. You can use the same strategy here that is the tank keeps the Dragon busy while your ranged attackers do the damage. After the dialogue, is the fight with Shades and Stone Golem. Later one is resistant to nature damage while is sensitive to cold and electricity.

In Ancient Crypt, there is a door to the east with some chests in it. You will have to face a Golem and Shades before you can reach those chests. Body of Profane will be occupied by a Hunger Demon. For more XP, you can choose to fight. After dealing with all of them (just follow the basics),loot the chests and return to Kirkwall.

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Everything you need to know about, every decision you need to take, and every act of bravery you need to pull during Act 2 of the main storyline of Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough – Act 2

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough to Act 2 of the game.
Finding Home
Blackpowder Courtesy
Offered and Lost
Prime Suspect
All That Remains
To Catch a Thief
Following the Qun
Demands of the Qun

Finding Home
Before you leave, gather your party members (By clicking “Gather your Party” icon). Outside, you will meet Bodhan. Now depending upon the decisions you made in “The Deep Road Expedition”, if you paid Bartrand then you will start this simple quest or if you accepted Dougal’s loan offer then you will trigger Profit and Loss conquest. All you need to do in this quest is enter Hawke state at the bottom of the steps.

Blackpowder Courtesy
Head to Smuggler’s cut. Your opponents there have resistance to magic but they are susceptible to cold attacks. Thieves (good at melee attacks) might be easy pickings but you can’t afford to take Assassins lightly. Make sure that all your party members are in good shape before the second encounter.

After speaking with Javaris, collect the Steel Latch and then interact with that barrel to stop the release of poison into the atmosphere. After this, various groups of mercenaries will attack you. Each will be led by a relatively stronger foe. The last group include Eleven Fanatic

Offered and Lost
Move to Hanged Death (Aveline should accompany you). Interrogate “Orwald Braggart”. Now at Vernell’s Refuge, attack Ser Vernell. Your Focus should be on the Templar in this battle. But before you do that, try eliminating as much Fanatics as you can by AoE attacks. Make sure that all members of your party remain alive (use healing potions). Advise that the Qunari bodies should be returned to Arishok in their existing state. Don’t forget to loot the area before leaving.

Prime Suspect
You will be attacked by Shades as you enter the mansion. Nature and Electric attacks are good against them. Offer Gascard your help. Next group of Shades is accompanied by a Desire Demon who can heal other opponents. She should be your primary target. While in chat with Moria, reply “I don’t think so” (on being asked about Gacard being a killer). This will be begin the next quest, “All that Remains”.

All That Remains
Agree to Gascard’s suggestion to perform a ritual to find Leandra. You will be transported to Dark Town. Gather all useful items in the area and then move on through the hidden door. In Killer’s Liar, you will be greeted by a mob of Shades led by a Rage Demon. Use AoE attacks to get rid of the Demon quickly. There will be more waves of similar foes. So expect a long tiring battle (don’t forget to use health and stamina potions).

After your conversation with Quentin is over, you will confront 3 more Rage Demons accompanied by Shades, Abominations and Corpses. These Demons will have the ability to heal their allies, so either keep them busy (so that they can’t heal others) or get rid of them first and then deal with others.

Quenten will make an appearance along with the 4th Demon. You should use your special attacks in quick succession to turn the battle your way.

To Catch a Thief
This quest will only be available if you have recruited Isabela early in Act I. Aveline and Verric both will also ask for your assistance but you should choose Isabela. In Foundry District, you will be attacked by a Qunari group. Keep them busy in close range combat while mages in your party damage them from distance.Tevinter mages and Tevinter enchanter might give you a tough time. Deal with them first before turning to Qunari. Qunari leader will heal the allies adding to your troubles. This battle requires you to move all the members of the party to be moved tactically as you will be up against a variety of opponents.

Before you leave the area, gather any useful items and examine Sam’s corpse to get the letter from Isabela.

Following the Qun
After reading the letter at the writing desk, speak with Viscount Dumar. While you are on your way to Qunari’s compound, you will be ambushed in Wind’s Alley. The ambush should not cause you any trouble. After talking with Arishok, travel to the Chantry at night. There is nothing big here except for a simple battle (which by now you might have used to).

Demands of the Qun
Before you choose to begin this quest, make sure that your party is strong enough (plenty of health potions, weapons for cold or nature attacks will be needed in the upcoming battles). In Qunari compound, telling the truth will be the best option. In Low Town you will be engaged in a battle with a group Saarebas, Ashaads (spear throwers) and Karashoks (melee specialists).

A good tactic in this combat is that you move your party somewhere in between the stairs and then use the long ranged mage attacks to destroy your enemies. Further along the path is the confrontation with Grey Wardens and a group similar to the one you faced earlier. Look out for Ashaad and Sareebas at the elevated positions.

Reinforcements will join in soon. Follow the same basic strategy that is deal with weaker enemies first and then attend to the commander. There will be another wave that will attack you from the back. Mage attacks can take care of them.

Next in High Town, similar enemies (that you have confronted earlier) will attack. In the north east portion, you will be attacked by Carta thugs and Karashok. They won’t stand a chance against your party’s AoE attacks but beware of the assassin that will join in later.

Now the decision you make after conversation with Meredith and Orsino depends on whether you want to earn additional XP or not.Either you can gain access to Viscount’s Keep directly or you can choose to fight against the Qunari till it ends. Later decision ofcourse will earn you more XP. The battle inside the keep will be easy if you occupy the upper balconies.

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Everything you need to know about, every decision you need to take, and every act of bravery you need to pull during Act 3 of the main storyline of Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough – Act 3

I am assuming that you decided to side with Orsino. Which would be a good choice since its your first playthrough.
On the Loose
Best Served Cold
The Last Straw
The Ultimate Foe

On the Loose
This quest will begin via letter at Writing Desk in Hawke State.After you have spoken with Else, you need to find all three mages.

To track Emile, go speak with Comtesse de Launcet in High Town. You will be ambushed by Blood Mages and Apostate Mages outside the mansion. Be sharp to deal with them before they can create problems with their spells. At the Hanged Man, convince Emile to join the Circle (it’s your choice though).

Head to Low Town and speak with Nyssa. Next mage is Huon. This confrontation will be easier than the first one. Direct your party’s full throttle attack his way and he will perish soon.

Move to Dark Town to speak with Walter. After you have info on Eveline, move to the east side of the sewer passage. Your path will be interrupted by Shades and Rage Demons. This mage can transform into different forms. Use AoE attack to deal with weaker foes and then you can concentrate on Evelina. After the battle is over, open that chest and return to Meredith to complete the quest.

Best Served Cold
Accept the letter at writing desk and visit Orsino in Templar Hall. At High Town pits, you will be up against the Templars and Circle Mages. Latter class should be your priority. Also beware of the mages that appear in reinforcements. After getting the Conspirator’s notes, move to the secret meeting place.

This time, Enchanter and Templar Hunters will also accompany the enemy group. Your priority here should be the Enchanter. Also beware of the traps around you (you can disarm them using rogue). Deal with weaker foes first (as quickly as you can) and then draw your attention to the ones that are more resistant. After the battle is over, talk to Keran and ask him to leave.

At Wounded Coast, there is a small confrontation before you meet Samson. You will fight against a couple of mages, templars and corpses. Conflict with Samson or Thrask is inevitable so prepare yourself for a long hectic battle. Grace should be your primary target. Focus all your attacks exclusively on her till her health is diminished. Keep mages away from the melee range.

If nothing is working for you, move your party towards north (outbreak hostilities) and try fighting them.You can use Tank to draw enemy attention while other party members do their job from distance. It won’t be strange if it takes a couple of restarts to figure out perfect strategy for the battle.

The Last Straw
This quest is the point of no return so before you opt for this quest, complete any other optional activities or quests you want to complete. You are about to face the ultimate hence you should gather any useful items (like portions Fel Grenades etc) for a upcoming series of challenging battles.

In encounter between Orsino and Meredith, side with the mages. Depending upon the relationship strength with Aveline and Fenris, one of them will stop following you from here. Fate of Andres depends on how much you need him. If he is the primary healer then you may want to ask him to join you (you will have to spare his life).

After you have made your choices, gather your party and move through the streets of Low Town. Soon you will find a mage encountered by Templars. Keep your distance (you can use AoE attacks to help) but you will have to charge after the appearance of Fade Creatures. Distraction of Shades and Rage Demons(more in number) will be advantageous in this battle.

Next, you are up against Desire Demon and a group of Abominations. You may want to move down the slope as you won’t want to be attacked from both ends. At the Docks, a Blood Mage will summon Shades before it executes it’s devastating poison attack. You should move away from this beast when it is about launch it’s Prison style attack (you can guess the on set of the attack by the blue AoE radius just before the attack).

At the Gallows courtyard, you can make the lost party members to return. Before advancing, you can talk with your companions. You may want to save your game (on an empty slot) so that you can reload if something goes against your consent. Select your final party and get ready to face the templars next. You should quickly move ahead and engage them at the bridge to confine the battle area which will be beneficial for you.

3 Rage Demons along with Shades are there inside the Templar’s Hall to make things difficult for you. Outside, you should buy as much as you can from Snadal’s store (specially the health potions). After that, you will face series of Templar groups in succession. Avelin or Fenrin may confront Hawke before he is heading to confront his ultimate foe, “Meredith”.

The Ultimate Foe (Fight with Meredith)
The battle with Meredith would be easy if you save your party members in the initial stage. Other allies will do the job for you. If she gets her attention to one of your weaker party members (rouge or mage) you should manually move them to a safer place.

Once her health depletes to a certain point, she will resurrect a Gate Guardian whose spinning attacks can affect be nasty. Keep your party members at a safe distance, order them to hold their positions and then focus your ranged on him.

After some time, she will summon another Guardian and this time to make things difficult, weaker slave statues will strengthen the attack. You may want to deal with the weaker foes first to thin the crowd and then deal with the Gate Guardian.

Meredith will rejoin the battle and there will a continuous stream of slave statues heading your way. Ranged fighters (should always be placed at safe distance) should be able to keep things under control. Meredith after sometime will reincarnate the Gate Guardians in some other form. They will target mages with their fire attacks making things difficult for you.

To reduce the damage to minimum, focus on one at a time. After dealing with the transformed Gate Guardians, you are about to defeat Meredith. With each successive monologue, she gets closer to her downfall.

Note. You can make your journey fairly easy by equipping your character with unique weapons and unique armor.

We have omitted the sidequests from the walkthrough and have kept our focus on hint based approach. This is to ensure that we don’t spoil the fun. Though, we are open to feedback but be nice.

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