Disney Dreamlight Valley: Wall-E Cannot Talk To Ariel Fix

Some players have reported that they are unable to speak with Ariel in Wall-E's A Friendly Exchange quest. The bug...

Some players have reported that they are unable to speak with Ariel in Wall-E’s A Friendly Exchange quest. The bug makes it impossible for you to complete the questline.

Even after giving all the required items to Wall-E, they cannot collect the light bulb from Wall-E’s house during the quest to complete their tasks. The failure of the task is making the players stuck on this quest.

This guide will explain different methods to resolve this issue and help you carry on with the game. So, let’s get on with solving this buggy issue.

How to fix A Friendly Exchange quest bug

Solution 1: Relocate Wall-E’s house

The first solution to the issue is to move the Wall-E house from its current position to the beach next to Ariel’s house. After the house is moved, Wall-E and Ariel will start their conversation eventually.

Solution 2: Separately talk with each one

It is also essential to consider having a separate conversation with Wall-E and Ariel. Both will start talking to each other within a short period after your separate conversation.

Solution 3: Play the waiting game

The last solution involves patience. You need to wait for them to start their conversation and try to engage yourself in other activities on the map. Eventually, you will notice that both Wall-E and Ariel have stopped moving, indicating their willingness to talk.

You should move toward them but keep your distance, and you will notice speech bubbles popping up over their heads. Wall-E and Ariel will start their conversation then, and you can proceed with your quest.

Solution 4: Leave and rejoin the game

If none of the above solutions work in your favor, try leaving and rejoining the game, which might lead to exchanging words between Wall-E and Ariel.

These are all the solutions that we came across to solve your problems. The developers are aware of this bug, and we can expect the fix soon. Till then, try to use the methods given in this guide.

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