Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide

Disney dream light Valley offers different aspects to players. Among these include cooking, which requires players to collect all sorts...

Disney dream light Valley offers different aspects to players. Among these include cooking, which requires players to collect all sorts of different ingredients and combine them at a stove to create meals. In this guide, we will talk about the cooking feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley and help players in unlocking it.

Unlock cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock cooking, the player has to first go to mickey’s house and speak with him. This will enable a quest for us in which we have to find the recipe near the ratatouille restaurant. Then we have to use a spade to dig the recipe.

Upon obtaining it, we have to learn it and then just follow that questline. During the quest, we are also guided by Mickey. After completing the quest, he gives us a stove which we can in turn use for cooking.

Cooking Tips

When the player is cooking, he can use up to five different ingredients in the pot to create a dish, but some recipes don’t require many ingredients. The dishes are rated after their preparation.

Some dishes can be made using fewer items. They can also learn to create different dishes with Remy at the Ratatouille realm.

Using the recipes and autofill features saves us from having to manually add ingredients all the time.

Finding Cookbooks and Recipes

Unlocking and learning new recipes requires players to either experiment or find Remy’s cookbooks which can teach them new stuff.

Players can search for Remy’s cookbooks near Goofy’s house. The second book can be found down at the beach near the rope bridge. The last one is relatively easier to find as it resides at the bottom level of the cave.

As for the recipes, players can top their dishes by experimenting with different items like:

  • Herring, lemon, onion, garlic, and seasoning can be used to create the “Arendellian pickled herring” dish which is considered (5 stars) in terms of rating.
  • Bell pepper can be added with eggs and cheese to create “Bell pepper puffs”. (3 stars)
  • Moreover for “Chili pepper puffs” we can use chili pepper, eggs, and cheese. (3 stars)
  • The easiest recipes include making “Cheese platter” which requires only cheese and “Crackers” which only use wheat. Both these recipes are rated 1 star.
  • “Puree” can be made using potatoes
  • “Salad” using lettuce
  • “Okra soup” requires okra
  • For “Marinated herring” use herring onion
  • As for “Oyster Platter” only 2 ingredients are used oyster and lemon
  • “French Fries” can be made using canola and potato

Where to Find Ingredients to Cook Meals

Ingredients are scattered across dream light valley. Some of these can be obtained easily as the player explores the map and some are exclusive to buyers.

So, for that, you’ll need a forage harvester and go fishing all over or seek out Goofy’s store to buy out seeds.

Specialist ingredients like milk, butter and eggs can only be bought from the “Chez Remy” restaurant. Mining is also important to keep the stove burning.

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