Disney Dreamlight Valley Ariel Level 10: The Ancient Doorway Quest Guide

The interaction with different Disney characters is the most exciting and fun part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The interaction and...

The interaction with different Disney characters is the most exciting and fun part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The interaction and bonding with the characters as you take on various quests.

Most of the quests are very straightforward, but some are challenging. You need to complete such a challenging quest, The Ancient Doorway quest, to complete Ariel’s questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players find it confusing to find the exact location for placing the enchanted Stone Slab. This guide will clear your confusion and provide you with every detail regarding this quest.

The Ancient Doorway walkthrough

Firstly, befriend Ariel and boost your friendship level to 10 with her. This will unlock The Ancient Doorway quest for you.

You can improve your friendship level with Ariel by conversing with her daily, exploring the valley with her, and giving her favorite items as gifts. All these steps will boost your friendship level to 10 with her, opening the quest for you.

Once you initiate the quest,  the Stone Slab will be given to you by Ariel, and you will have to go to Merlin. Just zoom in on your map, search Merlin through his avatar, and talk to Merlin about the Stone slab.

Merlin will tell all about the mysterious slab. He will explain how each rune is linked to a different emotion. Now go to Ariel and find out the name of the villagers you must visit to gather emotions for the enchantment of the slab. Ariel will ask you to find and speak to the following characters:

  • Ariel will enchant the stone with the emotion of Joy
  • For passions, you must go to Remy
  • For Excitement, go to Moana
  • Anger is associated with Ursula so go there.

You must go to Mystical Cave to put the Stone Slab at the required place when you have talked to every character and charmed the slab using their emotion. Once you reach Dazzle Beach, you can access Mystical Cave. You must have explored this place during With Great Power quest, and the cave is on the beach’s eastern side.

You need to move deep into the bottom side of the cave, and you will find a wall on your right. To open the door, you must place the charmed Stone Slab there.

Upon opening the door, you will find the crystal lying behind it. You can collect the Mystical Crystal. Now go and talk to Ariel, completing your quest.

Upon completing the quest, Ariel will reward you with a Seafoam Suit and Goan.

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