Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Walkthrough

Lair Sweet Lair is the name of a quest that you must complete in order to build a home for...

Lair Sweet Lair is the name of a quest that you must complete in order to build a home for Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

She will ask your help to get hold of ink, papers, and a scroll set. The quest itself is relatively short but finding the papers might prove to be a bit tricky.

The following guide will walk you through the Lair Sweet Lair quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to start the Lair Sweet Lair quest

Once you have freed Ursala by solving the riddles in the cave to remove all three magic gates, she will move outside to Dazzle Beach. Speak with her there in the open to start the Lair Sweet Lair quest. She will agree to come back to the Valley once you have fetched all of her items.

Lair Sweet Lair walkthrough

Ursula wants her home to be built on the water. Make your way to the shoreline of Dazzle Beach and open your backpack to start building her home. You will need to pay 10,000 Star Coins as a fee to Scrooge McDuck to lay down the construction site and complete the house.

Where to gather Paper?

Ursula will then ask you to get her some paper. You need to find 3x Paper and all three are found in different locations.

  • Paper #1: Head to Goofy’s house in Peaceful Meadow to find the first paper on the sofa.
  • Paper #2: Head to Merlin’s house in Peaceful Meadow to find the second paper on the table.
  • Paper #3: Head to Mickey Mouse’s house in Peaceful Meadow to find the third paper on the table. Take note that if you are unable to get inside his house, it means Mickey’s asleep. You can wait for him to wake up by skipping forward the in-game time.

How to craft an Empty Vial?

The next objective will be to get ink and scroll set for her. It can be crafted using the following materials:

  • 6x Dream Shards
  • 2x Purple Pigment
  • 1x Empty Vial

You can craft the Empty Vial by using 3x Glass. Purple Pigment can be crafted from falling and rising Purple Penstemons. And, Dream Shards can be found in dig sites all around the map. Once you craft the ink and scroll and hand it to Ursala, the quest will be completed.

You will get rare fish as a reward from Ursala for completing this quest.

How to place Ursula’s house in the water

You need to talk to Ursula after completing the Sweet Lair Sweet quest.

An option will appear on your screen to put the Ursula House foundation on the ground. Place the foundation on the water near the beach by pressing Y on the controller.

Lay the rest of the house on the ground by going to Ursula’s Icon in the Furniture tab and pressing A to finalize. The position of Ursula House needs to be such that the area under her house is green.

Now you need to give Scrooge McDuck 10000 Star Coins for Ursula’s House construction by pressing the blue icon on the bottom of the screen. Within the next few days, Scrooge McDuck will build the Ursula House.

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