How To Get A Bigger House In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will start with a tiny shack for a home in Disney Dreamlight Valley but with an option to clean and upgrade it down the road.

You will be able to not only add more rooms and increase your flooring space but also add additional storage and floors on top to make your house big. Only then can you start thinking about adding decorations and utilities.

However, the process of upgrading your house requires you to invest a lot of time in the game. That as well as a lot of coins because no construction job comes for free.

The following guide will explain how to unlock all of the house upgrades to make your house bigger in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Before you can make your house bigger, you will have to unlock house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That will require you to complete a few quests for Scrooge McDuck.

Start by building Scrooge McDuck’s shop beside your house for 1,000 coins. Then keep tabs on him because he will eventually assign you quests as you make progress in the game.

You must complete Making Cents of Things, Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening, and the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 questlines to begin thinking of upgrading your house. They all are pretty straightforward except for the last one.

Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 will task you to sell seven gems at Goofy’s Stall. You can mine gems from black rocks found in several biomes of the game. They are just not needed for this quest alone. Selling gems in general is a good source of making money in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

When you complete the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest, Scrooge McDuck will install an elevator in your house as a reward. This is where you start expanding your house to make it bigger.

How to unlock more rooms and decorations

Head inside your house and look to the left to find the elevator. Interacting with it will open a House Expansion menu. You can spend more of your hard-earned Star Coins here to expand your house.

Take note that the cost of expansion increases with each upgrade. Your first house upgrade will be free, but the next three upgrades will come at 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 Star Coins respectively. The cost will keep increasing as you keep expanding your floor space.

Disney Dreamlight Valley House Expansion

After a couple of expansions, you will have the option of unlocking additional rooms. This will allow you to set up your house by dedicating each room to a certain purpose: kitchen, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Most of these rooms will be purely aesthetic though. Do not expect them to serve any other purpose.

Once you have added more rooms and expanded the floor space to make your house bigger, it is time to add decorations and utilities to make your house livable. You will have a plethora of options here to choose from, and it purely comes down to you and your budget as to what kind of items you want and where in each room.

How to unlock exterior upgrades

Scrooge McDuck will not only help you upgrade the interior but also the exterior of your house. Head outside your house to find and interact with a Scrooge McDuck construction sign. Just like the elevator, the construction sign will open a new expansion menu.

Unlike your interior upgrades through, unlocking exterior upgrades are more expensive. Your first three exterior upgrades are going to cost 2,000, 20,000, and 75,000 Star Coins respectively. You will probably have enough for the first upgrade but will have to earn more to complete your house of dreams in the game.

The first exterior upgrade will add more storage to let you store more items. The second and third exterior upgrades will add two additional floors to make your house even bigger.

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