Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Goofy

Goofy is perhaps one of the most important characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

He not only provides you with tools that help you on your quests but also runs his Goofy Stalls in every biome for you to purchase seeds and plants at the cost of Star Coins.

Finding Goofy in the game is actually easy. Getting to him is the tricky part. The following guide will tell you where to find him in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Goofy’s house location in the Peaceful Meadows

Goofy can be found inside his house in the Peaceful Meadows. The house is located near the big pond, right in the middle of the biome.

However, when you start the game, Goofy’s house will be blocked by a few boulders. You will need to find a Pickaxe to clear the boulders and enter the house to speak with Goofy for the first time.

Make your way to the bottom right of the Plaza to come across a giant boulder with a Pickaxe. This is the Royal Pickaxe that gives you the ability to destroy small-sized boulders.

Make good use of it to clear the small boulders near the Plaza stairs that block the entry into the Peaceful Meadows. Once the way is cleared, head towards Goofy’s house and speak with him inside.

Do note that once you complete his quests, Goofy will be wandering all over the map. You will be able to find him at his stall in every biome in the game.

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