How To Fish & Catch All Fish Types In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a lot of relaxing activities other than just quests and missions. One of these pleasing activities is fishing. To make it even more fun, you can take one of your Disney characters (friends) to spend some time with them.

Now, fishing isn’t as simple as you might think. There are many factors involved when it comes to fishing in this game since you have a lot of different types of fish to catch.

In this guide, we’ll shed light on the general way to catch fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, along with where to find Shrimps, Lobsters, and Glittering Herring.

How to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Catching fish in Disney Dreamlight valley is actually relatively easy as compared to Stardew Valley.

To catch fish, naturally, you’ll first need a fishing rod, which you get fairly in the early stages of the game. To get the fishing rod in Dreamlight Valley, you’ll first have to talk to Goofy, who’s lost his lucky fishing rod. You need to find Goofy’s lucky fishing rod sitting next to a path leading to the shallow pond right behind his stall.

When you find the Goofy’s lucky fishing rod and bring it back to him, he’ll reward you with another magical fishing rod once held by the Old Ruler.

Now that you have a fishing rod, you want to find yourself a water body. Any water body across the valley that has ripples coming out of it indicates that you can catch fish there.

To catch fish, you need to:

  • Head near to the ripple and position your character such that it’s looking directly at it.
  • Select the fishing rod from your tool wheel
  • Hold the ‘fish’ button to cast your line into the ripple. Depending on your console, it might be SQUARE (Playstation), X (XBOX), or Y (Switch).
  • Hold down the button to determine the length of your cast. Once you feel like it’s enough, release the button so that your line lands directly in the center of the ripple.
  • Once you feel a bite on your bait, press the button prompted next to it. Depending on your console, it might be X (Playstation), A (XBOX), or B (Switch).
  • You now have to press this button a few more times, but now you have to time it exactly when this bigger circle meets the smaller circle and turns green.
  • If you do this successfully about two or three times, you should catch the fish.

Furthermore, you might have noticed that the ripples come in three different colors, i.e. White, Blue, and Yellow. Each of these colors indicates an increasing rarity of fish and determines what kind of fish you will catch.

Where to find Shrimps

Catching Shrimps involves the general process as described above, except that shrimps can only be found in the Blue Nodes of Dazzle Beach. If you can’t find any Blue Nodes/Ripples, then you have to clear out the rest of them in order for new ones to spawn.

Where to find Lobsters

Lobsters can be caught in the same general way except they can only be found in the waters of the Glade of Trust area, specifically in the Gold Nodes/Ripples.

How to catch Glittering Herrings

Glittering Herring can also be caught in the same general way, except they are a bit rarer and so are harder to find.

To find Glittering Herring, you need to wait for rainy weather, that too, in the time of day. If you are on a PC though, you can shift the time from night to day manually.

That is the only main condition to find the Glittering Herring. During Rain, you can find a Glittering Herring in any of the Nodes/Ripples, but of course, depending on your luck it may take a while.