How To Get Rice In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sushi is one of the most famous foods in today’s world and possesses the same popularity in the Disney Dreamlight...

Sushi is one of the most famous foods in today’s world and possesses the same popularity in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game world. Rice is an essential resource required to cook Sushi, so you have to get it beforehand.

There are two ways you can get Rice in the game. By purchasing the crop’s seeds and by planting the seeds to farm rice. Follow this guide to know about each of the mentioned processes to acquire Rice.

How to get Rice Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve been playing the game for quite a time now so you’d know that the ideal place to buy seeds is from the Goofy’s stalls in the Glade of Trust zone in the southwestern regions of the Valley.

If you want to get Rice seeds, locate these mini shops and spend your Star coins to purchase the product. Do remember that rice seeds cannot be found naturally occurring across the world, but can only be bought.

You may find other seeds like Carrot seeds etc. in the wild, but buying rice seeds is your only resort to get rice. You need to plant the seeds and later harvest them to obtain Rice.

How to unlock the Glade of Trust

If you haven’t unlocked the Glade of Trust zone in the Peaceful Meadows, you’ll not be able to have access to Goofy’s stall. Hence, you cannot acquire Rice seeds then.

To unlock the zone, a player has to complete a quest. In this quest, you are tasked to remove thick clusters of vines that are blocking the paths connected with the Peaceful Meadows. For this players has to pay Melin about 5000 Dreamlight. A handsome price to pay but you’ll have to collect this amount by completing quests and doing adventures to unlock Glade of Trust.

Once you’ve unlocked the zone in Disney Dreamlight Valley, head towards the south part of the Northern entrance connected to the Peaceful Meadows. There you will find the Goofy’s stalls. Spend 35 Star Coins to buy a stack of Rice seeds from him. The price is very affordable. Once the purchase is complete, return to your farm. You can plant Rice anywhere you want.

How to plant Rice seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The procedure for planting rice seeds is the same for any other crop you might wish to farm in the Valley. The first step is to equip yourself with a Shovel and then dig a plot on any area of your land your desire.

Choose an area/spot free of any environmental decor. Once you’ve selected it, sow the seeds and water the area. Now, wait for a couple of minutes for them to be sprouted and then harvest them.

How long does it take for Rice to grow in Dreamlight Valley?

You have to wait for almost 50min after which Rice crops will sprout. Once they’ve grown to a max height, you can harvest your crop.

Recipes made with Rice

Below we have listed all the recipes made with Rice in Disney Dream light Valley.

  • Fugu Sushi
  • Fish Creole
  • Lancetfish Paella
  • Fish Risotto
  • Kappa Maki
  • Maki
  • Maguro Sushi
  • Sake Sushi
  • Sake Maki
  • Teriyaki Salmon
  • Sushi
  • Tekka Maki
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