How To Get Bananas In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is based around you farming and harvesting a variety of items for your daily life in the...

Disney Dreamlight Valley is based around you farming and harvesting a variety of items for your daily life in the game and for the various quests that you undertake. A few of these items are quite simple and straightforward to find. Few of these are obscure and difficult to spot and find.

One of these items is a Banana. Yes, the yellow long fruit commonly known as a Banana is in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley and is one of the hardest fruits to find. This guide will help you find Bananas in Disney’s Dreamlight valley.

Where to find Banana Trees in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Banana is one of the fruits that you can harvest around the world in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, they are not so easily found as the Banana trees are found in only two areas in the entire valley.

For a game where you highly depend on vegetable and fruit produce, a Banana is sure hard to find in the valley. To find Bananas, you need to head out to Peaceful Meadows or Dazzle Beach. These two are the only two areas where you can find Banana trees to harvest Bananas.

For every tree you harvest for Bananas, you get 3 Bananas. Each of these can be sold for 29 Star Coins. By eating a Banana, you get 350 of your Energy replenished. As you can see, Bananas are not only rare in the valley, but they are also valuable.

If you want to farm for Bananas, they respawn every 23 minutes. More than that, once you get Bananas, you get Bananas, and you can plant them and grow them on your own farms. Same as the world, any Banana plant on your farm will take 23 minutes to be ready for harvest.

What can you make with Bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Bananas are sold for 29 Star Coins a piece. That means you can easily use Bananas as a viable item to trade to fill up your pockets. The second use for Bananas is in a few recipes.

You can use Bananas to make desserts. There are three different recipes that use Bananas.

  • Banana Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Milk, Banana, and Sugarcane.
  • Banana Pie – Wheat, Bananas, and Butter.
  • Banana Split – Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane and Any Sweet of your choice.

These three recipes are only possible with Bananas and all of these three are high-tier recipes.

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