Can You Play Diablo Immortal Without Paying?

This guide will answer that question as we tell you everything on How to avoid Microtransactions and play Diablo Immortal for free.

Diablo Immortal’s campaign, dungeons, raids, PvP, and future content such as new classes are all free to play. However, a massive advantage can be gained in the game by spending real money, and a big gap between F2P vs P2W appears in the player base.

So, the question arises: where do we spend real money on Diablo Immortal? This guide will answer that question as we tell you everything on how to avoid microtransactions and play Diablo Immortal for free.

Can You Beat Diablo Immortal Without Paying?

The game’s microtransaction currency is called Eternal Orbs. Diablo Immortal does not allow you to obtain Eternal Orbs through gameplay. Eternal Orbs can be utilized to obtain some of the most precious items in the game, both directly and indirectly. Reforge Stones, Dawning Echoes, and Legendary Crests are frequently obtained with them.

In Diablo Immortals, you have the option of not spending real money. On the other side, Diablo Immortal offers a variety of options to spend real money, including aesthetic armor and weapon appearances, the game’s Empowered Battle Pass, and upgrade materials.

The cosmetics selection is restricted at first, but each purchasable outfit will cost between $15 and $25, depending on how many Eternal Orbs you purchase and how you use them.

The “Boon of Plenty” is a $10 30-day membership that allows you more inventory space, 300 Eternal Orbs, access to the in-game Market from anywhere, additional Market trade slots, and a continuous supply of Rare and Legendary Crests to power up Elder Rifts. Apart from the much-needed Legendary Crests, Boon of Plenty doesn’t bring anything to the table.

It is well worth your money to get Battle Pass. It costs $5 and contains various expensive items, including cosmetics, Legendary Gems, and rare crafting supplies. But, if you choose not to spend any money on Battle Pass, you can still get the advantage of the free Battle Pass. Although the perks won’t be as interesting as the Paid Battle Pass, something is better than nothing.

The many one-time bundles you’ll acquire as you go through the game’s storyline are also a terrific value. These may be as inexpensive as $1 and frequently come with a substantial quantity of resources for such a low price, but you can only purchase them once.

Pay-To-Win PvP

Access to Diablo Immortal’s gameplay-focused material is entirely free, along with the PvP battlegrounds. You can also do raids and access dungeons without spending any money. If you choose not to spend your precious money, you can still participate in Cycle of Strife.

However, PvP against players who spend real money will get really unfair as you can obtain really powerful items (legendary gems, etc) by spending real money, which makes the game’s PvP highly pay-to-win.

Even if you don’t spend any money on Diablo Immortal, new dungeons,  classes, and the storyline will still be updated regularly. You will have total freedom to play freely and access the new storyline and new material as they become available.

However, all this won’t matter much if you come up against players with gear much superior to yours, courtesy of fat wallets and microtransactions.

Pay-To-Win Endgame

Things will grow rougher when you are near the end of the game, like limited access to Legendary Crest, etc. It will become more difficult to keep your character advancing.

Diablo Immortal will give you some rare items to ease things if you haven’t paid a single dime throughout the game. If you want to get your hands on new Legendary Gems, you can do that by using Legendary Chest with Elder Rifts.

Each time you do this, you’ll obtain a Legendary Gem, with a slight possibility of getting an exceptionally powerful and rare 5-Star Legendary Gem. Keeping your character powered up is vital when you are near the end of the game. That’s where these Legendary Gems come in handy.

Although, It is not 100% that you would get a Legendary Gem from Rare Crests. They only boost your odds. That is why free-to-play gamers will go for more Rare Crests.

It takes time and resources to gather and craft Legendary Gems. But if you complete Elder Rifts by purchasing the Legendary Crests from the Market, you will save a lot of your time.

While there are methods to acquire and craft Legendary Gems, doing so will take far more time and resources than just purchasing more Legendary Crests from the Market and completing Elder Rifts to gain gems.

The gamers who choose not to pay a single penny throughout the game will have lesser gold and other crafting materials than players who paid money. Therefore, it will be quite difficult and hectic for such gamers to buy or update the items they need to play the game. It’s not impossible, but free-to-play gamers will have to go an extra mile than those ready to pay.

To stay on top of things, regularly claim your first kill of the day prize. Get your free daily reward bundle every day and regularly level up your free battle pass. Spending money isn’t necessary if you’re primarily interested in experiencing the storyline and playing more casually.

How To Get Eternal Orbs

In Diablo Immortal, the only way to obtain Eternal Orbs is by purchasing them from the in-game store using real currency. There is no way to obtain free Eternal Orbs in the game.

Currently, there are no Eternal Orbs hack as well and you will need to use real money to get your hands on Eternal Orbs. Following are the Eternal Orbs prices in Diablo Immortal’s in-game store:

  • 60 Eternal Orbs – $0.99
  • 300+15 Eternal Orbs – $4.99
  • 600+30 Eternal Orbs – $9.99
  • 1500+450 Eternal Orbs – $24.99
  • 3000+450 – $49.99
  • 6000+1200 – $99.99

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