How To Farm Legendary Items In Diablo Immortal

Your goal will be to stack up as much legendary gear as possible in Diablo Immortal. You will not be able to endure the endgame raids and dungeons on anything but legendary gear. Due to their low drop rate though, trying to farm legendary items will take a lot of grinding. The following guide will attempt to make farming legendary items easier in Diablo Immortal.

How To Farm Legendary Items In Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Entertainment has not revealed the drop rate of legendary items in Diablo Immortal. It can only be presumed that the drop rate is incredibly low. There are though a few ways through which to increase that drop rate chance.

Complete Main Story Campaign

To get legendary gear in Diablo Immortal, the first method is through the completion of the main story campaign. Simply complete the main missions to increase your character level to level 60 to unlock the Paragon system. You will then begin accumulating Paragon Points that can be used to unlock the different Hell difficulty tiers.

The higher the Hell difficulty, the more difficult the game becomes but also increases the chance of dropping legendary gear.

Once you’ve gained access to Hell 2, you’ll compete in World Events which are quite difficult to complete. For players with a lower level and weak gear, they can also get a chance to gain a legendary item simply by surviving the events.

The best strategy is to use ranged attacks to deal damage and in the end, receive different types of gear as a reward. That reward may contain legendary gear but is not always guaranteed.

Explore the Tomb of Fahir

Tomb of Fahir is a dungeon in the Shassar Sea that consists of several chests to loot and many bosses to defeat.

To get legendary gear, you must enter this dungeon and make your way to the areas marked on the map below according to the order assigned. The empty rooms consist of chests that you can loot while the red skull indicates that there’s a boss in the area.

As you enter the tomb, you’ll find a chest, loot it and make your way to the Treasury Door to the right of the area. Enter it to loot another chest there.

The next step is to find the Icon of Rebirth. Defeat him and move to find another chest to loot. Once looted, head over to loot another chest before fighting the Icon of Souls.

Defeat him and move on to facing King Fahir himself. Once you’ve defeated King Fahir, use the elevator to head down the tomb and face the Colossal Tomb Borer.

Defeat the Colossal and Head down the area to find another boss to defeat Spiderling and acquire a legendary item such as the legendary one-handed sword.

Enter the PvP Arena

Probably the best method to get legendary gear in Diablo Immortal is by teaming up with three of your allies and entering the Bilefen PvP arena. If your team manages to defeat all the other players, you’ll receive a chest that guarantees you a legendary item each time you open it.

In case you die, your team can still pull off a victory without you. Their win will still get you whatever rewards get unlocked from the chest.

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