How to Get Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal

If you want your favorite weapon to last you a long time then you will need to spend some resources...

If you want your favorite weapon to last you a long time then you will need to spend some resources to upgrade it and in Diablo Immortal you are going to need Enchanted Dust to do that. In this guide, we will cover everything related to Enchanted Dust, how to get it easily along with how to use it.

How to Get Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal

Enchanted Dust is one of the materials that is used to upgrade items in Diablo Immortal. There are several ways to obtain Enchanted Dust some of which are easy, and others are time-consuming.

Some of the methods which can be used to collect Enchanted Dust are as follows.

  • Salvaging items at a blacksmith
  • Zone Events
  • Chests
  • Loot from killing monsters
  • Completing Shadows and Immortal Events
  • Purchasing from Smithing Vendors

How to Farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal

Upgrading items are a key part of progressing in Diablo Immortal and to upgrade items, you will need enchanted dust and you will need it in bulk so that’s why you will need a convenient method to farm it.

The are several ways to farm Enchanted Dust, the first one is by salvaging Yellow Rarity items at the blacksmith. While you play the game, there will come times when you collect duplicate items or items you don’t need.

You can exchange those items in return for Enchanted Dust by going to a Blacksmith and selecting the items and then clicking on Salvage. Another way is to buy it from a Smithing Vendor, right next to a blacksmith, using Scarp Materials.

The method is somewhat hard but is also rewarding. You can also farm Enchanted Dust by taking part in zone events such as Haunted Carriage and killing monsters. Per event, you can gain upwards of 6 Enchanted Dust as a reward for completing the event.

How to Use Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal

Up until this point in the guide, you have learned how to obtain Enchanted Dust and now that you have gotten your hands on some Enchanted Dust, it’s time to use it.

You can use it to upgrade weapons and other items by simply going to a blacksmith and selecting the item that you want to upgrade and clicking on Upgrade.

Starting from Rank 2 of any item, you will start needing Enchanted Dust for each level of upgrade. The cost also increases drastically so make sure you hold on to as much Enchanted Dust as possible. While upgrading from Rank 1 to Rank 2 only requires 1 Enchanted Dust, the sharp increase in cost ends up requiring players to use 1000 Enchanted Dust to upgrade from Rank 19 to 20.

Any upgrade that will cost Enchanted Dust will automatically take from it your stash of Enchanted Dust.

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