Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage Event Guide

To help you out with completing the Haunted Carriage Event in Diablo Immortal, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you through the process of starting the event and what you need to do to complete it.

How to Start Haunted Carriage Event in Diablo Immortal

Haunted Carriage is the unique event of the Ashwold Cemetery zone in Diablo Immortal. This is one of the easier zone events to complete in the game and it rewards you with some decent loot, so you should try to complete it whenever you can.

Before we talk about the process of starting the Haunted Carriage Event, keep in mind that this event is available only from 9 AM to 11 PM (Server Time). And during these active hours, the Haunted Carriage Event can be started once every 2 hours.

To start the Haunted Carriage Event in Diablo Immortal, first travel to the Eastern Gardens Waypoint in the Ashwold Cemetery.

If you arrive there at the right time, you’ll get a prompt informing you that the Haunted Carriage is there. Press OK on the prompt to begin the Haunted Carriage event.

You will then be Auto-Navigated straight to the Haunted Carriage. To save yourself some time, you can also just travel straight towards the Haunted Carriage itself instead of going through this Auto-Navigation step.

The Haunted Carriage always spawns in a specific spot in Ashworld Manor, which we have marked in the map image below. Travel directly to this spot to find the Haunted Carriage.

haunted carriage

Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage Event Walkthrough

In the Haunted Carriage Event, your objective is to escort a carriage (which happens to be haunted) to its destination.

But as the carriage is traveling towards its destination, it will get attacked by Undead Guards. You have to clear out the path for the carriage by defeating all of the enemies around it.

And once the carriage reaches its destination, there will be a boss called the Tax Collector waiting for it. Your final objective in this event will be to help kill the Tax Collector.

The Haunted Carriage will start its journey from the Ashworld Manor. It’ll travel clockwise from there, going through the Eastern Gardens and The Outskirts. It will end its journey at The Ossuary, which is where you’ll meet the Tax Collector.

The enemies that you’ll encounter while traveling down this path will be very underpowered, so they’re nothing to worry about.

And when you fight the Tax Collector, an important thing to note is that you don’t actually need to be the one to kill him to reap the rewards from this event. All you need to do is hit him at least once.

If you manage to hit the Tax Collector at least once, you will receive your share of rewards from the Haunted Carriage Event.

Since there will be loads of players fighting the Tax Collector, he will immediately when the Haunted Carriage reaches his location.

To ensure that you hit him at least once, use an AoE attack that does continuous damage. In this way, you will guarantee at least one hit on the Tax Collector.

When the Tax Collector is killed, he will drop 6x Enchanted Dust, 3x Experience Orbs, a Class Consumable item, and a few Normal/Rare/Legendary items.

How to Farm Haunted Carriage Event in Diablo Immortal

The Haunted Carriage Event in Diablo Immortal is one of the best ways to farm Enchanted Dust, which you’ll need a lot of to upgrade your Legendary Items.

To farm the Haunted Carriage Event in Diablo Immortal, the first thing you need to do is stay below the Server Paragon Level.

The reason for that is, that when you’re below the Server Paragon Level, you receive 2x the number of upgrade material drops from events. So if you were to get 6x Enchanted Dust, you will instead be able to receive 12x Enchanted Dust by being below the Server Paragon Level.

The next thing you need to do to farm the Haunted Carriage Event is to take advantage of the different difficulty levels of Diablo Immortal.

If you don’t know already, Diablo Immortal has four difficulty levels, which act as four different worlds: Hell 1, Hell 2, Hell 3 and Hell 4.

Each level has its own events and they do not occur simultaneously. So if you’re quick enough, you can complete an event in one difficulty level, then go on to complete the same event again in another difficulty level.

So start from the lowest Haunted Carriage Event (Hell 1). If you manage to complete it in a very short amount of time, you’ll be able to participate in the Haunted Carriage Event in Hell 2; and so on. This method of farming is called the Power Hour.

In this way, you’ll be able to farm multiple Haunted Carriage Events within a small amount of time, which will help you accumulate tons of Enchanted Dust and other useful items.