Diablo Immortal Call Of The Ancients Event Guide

This guide will tell you everything about the Call of the Ancients zone event in Diablo Immortal, including how to start and farm it.

There are some events specific to a particular zone with many rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. One of these Zone Events is Call of the Ancients, found in the Frozen Tundra zone. This guide will tell you everything about the Call of the Ancients zone event in Diablo Immortal, including how to start and farm it. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

How To Start The Call Of The Ancients Event In Diablo Immortal

The Call of the Ancients zone event requires summoning an Ancient Spirit by eliminating enemies throughout the Frozen Tundra to collect a rare item named Ancient Essence. As you collect Ancient Essence, the Ancient Essence Progress bar will keep filling, and when it is full, Ancient Spirit will be summoned.

Collecting 10 Ancient Relics is also required for the Call of the Ancients zone event. You can get Ancient Relics either from the Spirit-Hunters during the Call of the Ancients event, or you can get them from the Rare Elites as a drop if you haven’t started the event.

You will present the Ancient Relics you obtained to the Ancient Spirit to cleanse their curse after the event. There is also a minimal chance of getting Ancestral Relics from the Dead Yeti.

Filling up the Ancient Essence bar and finding Ancestral Relics is very time-consuming. The only positive of this zone event is the good amount of loot that you will get.

When a player loots the Ancient Essence, all players in the zone fill the Ancient Essence bar. A notification is displayed zone-wide after the bar is filled. To accompany Ancient Spirit, you have 60 seconds to reach the stairwell leading to the Ice Clan Village, north of the Bitter Hearth Waypoint.

How To Complete The Call Of The Ancients Event

You will have 60 seconds after summoning the Ancient Spirit before the Ancient Spirit walks toward the Altar of the Forebears. Spirit Hunters will try to absorb the Ancient Spirit’s essence along the way. To restore the Ancient Spirit’s health and get Ancestral Relics, defeat them.

The Ancient Spirit will stop several times along the way and if he does, stay away from the orange circles, especially if you’re a melee class. If you’re shackled to the ground, you can’t do melee damage to the Spirit-Hunters.

Chains of Darkness can sometimes make both you and the Ancient Spirits stop. So, keep an eye on the Ancient Spirit and yourself. Toggle the Chains of Darkness off to allow you and the Ancient Spirits to continue advancing toward the Altar of the Forebears.

When you reach the Altar of the Forebears, the Ancient Spirit becomes interactive, and you may hand in the Ancestral Relics. Then, talk with the Ancient Spirit to lift curses on your Ancestral Relics. You will be rewarded abundantly when curses are gone.

The Ancient Spirit’s ability to lift curses is determined by his health when he arrives at the Altar of the Forebears. The Ancient Spirit will be accessible to hand in the Ancestral Relics for the next ten minutes. You can farm Rare Elites or look for Dead Yeti if you still need Ancestral Relics

The Call Of The Ancients Rewards

Once you have cleansed the Ancestral Relics, you’ll get rewarded with several items such as a good amount of Scrap Material. Take note that the Call of the Ancients event takes a long time to finish but is a good source nonetheless to get several stacks of Scrap Material.

How To Farm The Call Of The Ancients Event

Call of the Ancients is the event to farm if you’re short on Scrap Materials and want to get some great rewards.

The Ancient Essence bar can be filled quickly with numerous people farming Ancient Essence in the zone.

Collaborate with other participants to obtain more Ancestral Relics when the Ancient Spirit spawns. Don’t tell other people about the event after your party is full because they could easily take your drops.

You can also farm Ancestral Relics by killing all of the opponents in the zone, but this will take a lot of your time. A daily limit of 10 Enchanted Relics is set. However, you can save the excess in your inventory for the future.

If you are interested in farming the Call of the Ancients event in Diablo, you must know about the Power Hour and Server Paragon levels.

You may already know that Power Hour starts at the start of each hour, and you can choose to do zone events multiple times, one after the other through Power Hour.

If you want to do the same Zone Event at least twice, you can switch your difficulty level once you have teleported to the Westmarch. There are four difficulty levels ranging from Hell 1 to Hell 4.

If you want a 200% increase in Upgraded drops of items like Enchanted Dust and Scrap Materials, you must stay below the Server Paragon Level. This results in a significant number of Enchanted Dust rewards from the treasure chests of Zone Events. In Diablo Immortal, the power hour is the quickest method for leveling up.

Diablo Immortal Ancestral Relic Bug

Several players are facing bugs during the “Escort the Ancient Spirit”. This bug mostly occurs in Frozen Tundra as, during the quest, the Ancient Spirit stops midway near the final stop which prevents the player from collecting the rewards while the demons keep on summoning.

Unfortunately, there is no fix to this bug right now. Blizzard Entertainment has been notified and should squash this bug in the near future with an update.

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