Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare And Lord Martanos Event Guide

We've created this guide where we will tell you how you can start and finish the Ancient Nightmare Event in Diablo Immortal.

In the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare event, you have to take out the Ancient Nightmare monster for different rewards. But taking him out may not be that easy for you.

The Ancient Nightmare event features two different bosses, The Ancient Nightmare and Lord Martanos, commonly known as the “Big Guy” and the “Little Guy” respectively. They are two different parts of the same Boss battle, where you’ll have to defeat the latter first before moving off to the first one.

They might seem to be two completely separate entities, but they are connected through a common point – the Zakarum Sigils. You’ll need Zakarum Sigils dropped by Lord Martanos to activate altars which tip the battle against the Ancient Nightmare in your favor.

This guide will cover everything there is to know about the Ancient Nightmare Event in Diablo Immortal.

Lord Martanos Location

You will find Lord Martanos just west of the Frozen Descent Waypoint. This boss has a certain Spawn Time and a Spawn Location. You can only find him at specific time intervals, if you want to know when he’ll spawn, click his grave altar – Lord Martanos Altar – to see when he will appear.

We recommend going for him first because he will drop Zakarum Sigils that you need to activate the altar in the path of the Ancient Nightmare.

How To Defeat Lord Martanos In Diablo Immortal

Taking out Martanos is also not an easy job. You have to stay away from him as his AoE attacks are quite powerful. He can even throw his shield at the players.

We recommend defeating this boss in a low-difficulty setting so you can collect Zakarum Sigils.

Ancient Nightmare Location

The Ancient Nightmare, unfortunately, has a specific Spawn Time. It can only be found on Wednesdays and Fridays, specifically around 8:30 pm, 10 pm, and 12 pm local server time.

Once you’ve got the time zones right, you can begin searching for the Ancient Nightmare. The Ancient Nightmare is generally located in the Misty Valley area of Mount Zavain. This boss has a general Spawn Location and can be found within the same radius.

Once you’re close enough, you’ll be notified via a message that the Ancient Nightmare has been summoned. After that, the game will allow you to auto-navigate toward the boss. You won’t need the auto-nav option mostly, since the boss is a literal giant and easy to spot.

How To Defeat Ancient Nightmare In Diablo Immortal

To defeat the Ancient Nightmare, you have to move ahead of him and activate the Ancient Nightmare Altar right when he enters the proximity of the altar light so you can get more time to attack him and lower his shield. The Ancient Nightmare Altars require Zakarum Sigils to activate, which you will have already acquired from Lord Martanos.

Once he is outside the altar light, you can’t deal any damage to him. So always stay ahead of him and activate the altar when he gets there to take full advantage of the Altar light.

He will be stunned and vulnerable to attacks only in the proximity of the altar until you successfully make his shield fall.

Just continue to follow this strategy, and eventually, Ancient Nightmare’s shield will fall. Once his shield is down, he will also start attacking you, so get ready for that.

He has some good AoE attacks that will lower players’ health in its range. You can still activate the altar to protect your team from his AoE attack and use that time to take him out.

Once you have taken him out, a treasure chest will spawn close to where he dies. Inside that chest, you will find different rewards like Enchanted Dust.

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