Diablo Immortal Best Skills for Every Class

If you were wondering if your favorite skills are still worthy to be unlocked for your favorite class in Diablo Immortal, continue reading.

There are six different classes to choose from in Diablo Immortal, all of which will be fairly familiar to players coming from past games in the franchise. That includes some of the skills as well. If you were wondering if your favorite skills are still worthy to be unlocked for your favorite class in Diablo Immortal, continue reading.

Diablo Immortal Best Skills

Just remember that the skills and abilities you unlock depend more upon your own needs and playstyle than anything else. You could find a better use of a skill that others would normally discard.

Below are the best skills for each class based on their power and what they bring to the table. You can always choose from them to tailor your build in Diablo Immortal.

Best Skills for Monk Class

Seven-Sided Strike: What could possibly be your bread and butter, this skill strikes seven times to deal damage each time. If there are multiple enemies, you’ll dash between all of them seven times. The biggest advantage of this skill is that you’re immune to all damage during the attack animation.

Cyclone Strike: This skill pulls enemies to you to deal damage. You can combine it with Seven-Sided Strike to pull and kill multiple enemies. You can also add Exploding Palm for an excellent crowd-control combo attack.

Exploding Palm: This skill inflicts bleeding damage on enemies. If an enemy dies while Exploding Palm is still ticking, it will explode to damage all nearby enemies. Exploding Palm is one of the most damaging skills a Monk can have and will stay relevant throughout the endgame.

Imprisoned Fist: This is an AoE skill that deals great damage and stuns all its targets for 5 seconds. This is an amazing skill for crowd control and it’s extremely helpful in those situations where you’re getting overwhelmed and need to escape quickly.

Imprisoned Fist becomes available when the Monk reaches level 44. It only has a 12-second cooldown, so you can use it repeatedly during battle.

Best Skills for Demon Hunter Class

Rain of Vengeance: This level 3 skill gives the Demon Hunter the ability to shoot a volley of arrows above him which subsequently rain down onto the battlefield over time. This is an amazing AoE skill that can be unlocked right from the start. It will allow you to easily clear out groups of enemies, which is crucial when trying to farm XP and rewards.

Sentry: This skill summons a turret to fire at nearby enemies. You can have up to two sentries at a time. They are an excellent way of opening up fights. Place them in front of hard-hitting enemies or bosses to absorb their damage by gaining their attention, leaving you open to deal damage.

Multishot: This skill is not only powerful but also defines a Demon Hunter. It allows you to fire multiple arrows while on the move. There are entire endgame builds revolving around Multishot. You can’t skip this one for your Demon Hunter.

Daring Swing: This skill gives the Demon Hunter the ability to swing from one location to another. While they’re swinging, they will deal damage to anyone in their path and they will be completely invulnerable to enemy attacks. This makes the Daring Swing skill arguably the best mobility skill in Diablo Immortal and easily the best one in the Demon Hunter’s skillset.

Best Skills for Barbarian Class

Lacerate: This is your starting skill that does a series of attacks to not only do damage but also heal for every third hit. The healing aspect can later be improved, allowing you to quickly heal up at any point during a fight.

Whirlwind: The signature skill of the Barbarian does damage to all nearby enemies while moving at a reduced speed and for as long as you have enough energy. This is your bread and butter. It’s not only a great crowd-control tool but can also be improved to pull enemies to you to clean up the battlefield.

Wrath of Berserker: When it comes to single-target damage, the Wrath of Berserker is a wonderful skill to have. It significantly increases your attack speed and movement speed. During the endgame, you’ll have an opportunity to turn all of those bonus stats into bonus critical chance stats. Pair that with your Whirlwind to practically double your overall damage.

Undying Rage: This skill gives the Barbarian the ability to go into an enraged state which lasts for 5 seconds. While the Barbarian is enraged, they will become unable to die and all attacks landed by the Barbarian will heal them for 30% of the damage done by the attack.

This is one of the best skills for survival in all of Diablo Immortal. For Barbarian players, this skill is a must-have.

Best Skills for Crusader Class

Conjuration of Light: This skill summons a beam of holy light from the sky which makes the player and all allies close by completely invincible for 3 seconds. This skill will help you out a lot against bosses and in PvP activities.

Draw and Quarter: You charge the battlefield on a war horse, binding and dragging up to eight enemies while doing damage per second. It also removes all impairing effects. You’ll need a good amount of damage to make this skill work but make no mistake, Draw and Quarter is one of your most important skills in the game.

Sacred Chain: It’s a crowd-control skill. You can bounce your holy chains between multiple enemies, up to six enemies at a time if they are standing in a cluster. Sacred Chain also stuns enemies in the end. You’ll actually rely on Sacred Chain a lot if you’re into PvP duels. You can still make use of it for your PvE needs.

Consecration: One of the defining skills of a Crusader, you can consecrate the area around you to deal holy damage to all nearby enemies. It’s one of the most useful skills you can have in any Crusader build. Furthermore, you can combine it with Draw and Quarter to increase your ticking damage as long as you’re moving around within the consecrated area.

Best Skills for Wizard Class

Magic Missile: Your starting skill will still prove useful when you reach the endgame content. Magic Missle is a single-target spell but does an extremely large amount of damage. Wizards tend to be more AoE oriented but still use a Magic Missle to chuck down enemies with large health pools.

Meteor: This is probably one of the most powerful skills a Wizard can have. You strike an area with a meteor to not only deal damage but also stun all enemies and scorch the area to deal burning damage per second.

The only problem is the animation delay. Meteor takes a little time to fall to the ground. If you can figure out where all of the enemies will be standing by then, a single meteor can wipe out all of them.

Teleport: You may not need this skill early on but you’ll be relying on it all the time during the endgame. It is mandatory for every Wizard build, allowing you to quickly move around the battlefield or get out when surrounded.

Arcane Wind: One can use this skill along with Meteor, as it leaves the burning ground. When one applies Arcane Wind to this burning ground, a firestorm is created. This deals 50% extra damage.

Best Skills for Necromancer Class

Command Skeletons: Being a Necromancer, you have the ability to automatically summon a skeleton warrior every few seconds. You can have up to four skeletons at a time. The best part is that you can order them to charge a location and go into a frenzy for a few seconds. Mastering this ability will help you take charge of the battlefield.

Corpse Explosion: One of the key skills of a Necromancer is able to detonate all nearby corpses for a massive explosion in an area. This is also a good crowd control ability. Once you’re done with the first wave of enemies, lead the second wave into the explosion. You’ll never run out of corpses.

Soulfire: You’re basically launching a fireball that explodes upon impact. However, when upgraded, you can launch multiple fireballs that will track down nearby enemies. It’s a great skill to have on the move.

Bone Spear: It throws a spear in a direction to pierce multiple enemies. You can later upgrade this skill to throw a scythe to not only deal damage but more enemies in an area and also knock them away. This skill is a good long-range option, especially if you’re into PvP.

Command Golem: When you reach level 50, you will unlock the Command Golem skill, which is practically an upgraded version of your starter Command Skeletons skill. With this skill, you’ll be able to spawn a Bone Golem which lasts for 24 seconds. While the golem is alive, it will deal damage to enemies and stun them for 2 seconds.

The golem can be commanded by the player to attack enemies present in a specific location. The best thing about the golem is that when it is attacking enemies, the enemies will completely divert their attention to it for 6 seconds, allowing you to either escape or easily deal damage to them from the back.

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