Diablo 4 Scosglen Emote Statue Locations

Throughout the Sanctuary map, you will find multiple Diablo 4 emote statues in the Scosglen region. Faded Plaque provides the players with ...

Players are always anxious to learn about some special techniques in the game that help earn some extra loot or rewards, and Diablo 4 is no exception. Throughout the Sanctuary map, you will find multiple Diablo 4 emote statues in the Scosglen region. Faded Plaques on these statues provide the players with a puzzle.

Upon successful completion, the puzzle on these emote statues rewards the player with some special buffs. Out of the five main regions of the Diablo 4 map, this guide focuses on the emote statues in the Scosglen area.

How to solve Emote Statues puzzle in Diablo 4

Each of the Faded Plaque statues has an interactive area. This area is marked in front of them using a white circle. An interact button will pop up once the player is inside this circle. Upon interacting, it will show a sentence with some words missing.

Multiple sentences can appear, but one common thing in each of them will be some words with Capital letters. These words are the essential clues to solving the puzzle in Diablo 4. So far, we know the question, but still, one thing is missing: how to respond to these letters.

The answer is to use Emotes. Diablo 4 allows the player to use multiple Emotes in the game. Answering the statue with the correct emote will result in a mysterious buff as a reward from the statue.

For instance, if the sentence contains Atone word, the correct emote will be Sorry.


Faded Plaque interactions in Diablo 4

Multiple sentences can be shown by the Faded Plaque in the Diablo 4 Scosglen region. Some common ones and their correct emote and rewards are discussed below.

Faded Plaque MessageCorrect Emote Buff
Give Aid Help Shield Guard to HP
Greet Death Hello Invisibility Buff
Dare Provoke Taunt Removes all control impairing effects
Bid Farewell Goodbye Movement Speed Buff
Embolden Soul Cheer A temporary spirit ally
Atone Sorry Few extra potions
Gratitude Thanks Additional Gold drops

All Scosglen Emote Statue locations in Diablo 4

There are a total of eight Emote statues in Diablo 4 that are located in different areas of the Scosglen region.

Deep Forest

Emote Statue Location #1

This emote statue is located to the South of Klettr Scar near the Webbed Lode Cellar.

Emote Statue Location #2

It is located on the Southwest of the Path of Learning, near the border of Kotama Grasslands.

Westering Lowlands

Emote Statue Location #1

This emote statue is between Firebreak Manor and Laglend Fen, Northwest of Eldhaime Keep in Diablo 4.

The Shrouded Moors

Emote Statue Location #1

You can find this emote statue near the Overgrown Outpost Cellar, south of the Heart of the Moors.

Emote Statue Location #2

It is located in the Northeast of The Daudar Peats, close to the premises of Strands.


Emote Statue Location #1

This emote statue is located adjacent to the Fiabre area near the border of the Moordaine Lodge.

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