Diablo 4 Sarat Boss Guide

Sarat is another spider boss in Diablo 4 which means you'll be dealing with poison damage and spider webs. Here's how to kill her for good!

Sarat, in Diablo 4, is a giant spider boss that will be a thorn in the side if you don’t know how to deal with her. Not only is she a difficult enemy to slay herself, but she also summons multiple minions to help herself during the fight.

The only good thing about the Sarat boss fight in D4 is that she’s only found in one dungeon. The rewards you get from defeating her are also worth the effort. Let’s look at where you can find Sarat in the game and how you can take her down.

Where to find Sarat in Diablo 4 

Sarat can be found in the Sarat’s Lair Dungeon. This dungeon can be found in the Southern part of The Downs in the Scosglen region. This is indicated in yellow.

You can reach the dungeon from either the Firebreak Manor or from the Cerrigar waypoints. These are indicated in blue and red respectively.

Sarat boss location in Diablo 4

As you enter the dungeon, you will be given the objective of clearing out all three of the Silken Spires. You’ll clear them out before moving to the boss.

How to defeat Sarat in Diablo 4 

When you have destroyed all the Silken Spires, move towards the Queen’s Lair and there you will find Sarat. She has a few moves but they are all AoE and thus you will need to outrun them a lot. 

Sarat has two attacks it uses. The first attack is the Web Spray where she flings webs in an area. If caught, they will immobilize you and make you an easy target for her and her minions. Dash out of the way when you see it coming towards you.

In the second attack, she throws poison balls in front of her which will inflict poison when they hit. The balls also break into poison pools and deal constant damage while you stand inside them.

In the beginning, she will throw three balls at once. But, when her health reaches about 50%, it will start to throw 5 poison balls. Dodge the poison balls and avoid walking inside the poison pools. 

Other than these attacks, she will summon minions which will come after you and will be quite annoying. The choice is yours how you want to deal with them. If you avoid them, then they can gang up on you and overwhelm you. If you take them out, she can summon more.

She doesn’t have any melee attacks so that’s one less headache to deal with. Ranged classes such as the Rogue and Sorceror can engage her at a distance but melee classes such as the Barbarian and Druid may struggle. Elixirs and equipment that grant poison resistance are essential here regardless of class or build.

Sarat rewards and loot 

When Sarat is defeated, you will have completed the Sarat’s Lair Dungeon. The rewards are 20 Renown for the Scosglen region, gold, experience, rare items, and the Snowveiled Aspect.  

The Snowveiled Aspect is a powerful aspect for Sorcerers. This aspect can make their Ice Armor Unstoppable, thus they cannot be stunned. 

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