How To Find The Hidden Camp Easter Egg In Diablo 4

Here is how and where you can find the Hidden Camp easter egg from Diablo 3 in the new Diablo 4 installment.

If you have played Diablo 3, you will be excited to know that you can find the Hidden Camp in a secluded area of Diablo 4. This is only one of several locations from previous installments in the franchise that have carried over as easter eggs.

The Hidden Camp was one of the main player hubs back in Diablo 3. Back then, all the regions were not connected like in Diablo 4. You had access to one region during an act. Each of these regions has a main safe zone that contains all the vendors. The Hidden Camp was one of such safe zones.

Unfortunately, the camp has not fared well over the years. It is in complete ruins in Diablo 4 as you can come to see for yourself below.

The Hidden Camp location in Diablo 4

The Hidden Camp can be found just north of the southern Fields of Hatred in the Kehjistan region of Diablo 4.

This area is known as the Forgotten Overlook and the best way of getting here is by teleporting to the Denshar waypoint in the Fields of Hatred. Keep following the trail in the mountains before taking a right.


Either that or teleport to Gea Kul in the west, one of the main town hubs you are going to explore in the game. Make a dash all the way to the east across the Southern Expanse to reach the Hidden Camp.

The map location of Diablo 3's Hidden Camp in Diablo 4.

Note that you should be at least level 30 before heading out to find the Hidden Camp location in Diablo 4. This is because the Kehjistan region has enemies that range around that level requirement.

Since enemies do not scale with your level, you should easily be able to reach the Forgotten Overlook if you are past level 30, or else risk getting thrown off your mount. On that note, you should definitely wait until you have unlocked your first mount in the game to cut down your travel time.

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