Diablo 2 Resurrected Pandemonium Event Guide

One of the most challenging quests of D2 Resurrected has to be the Pandemonium Event. It’s an interactive multistage event containing multiple fights, bosses and sub-tasks. In this Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, we’ll outline the details of the Pandemonium event and walk you through all its objectives and battles.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Pandemonium Event

The Pandemonium Event is possibly the hardest quest in Diablo 2 Resurrected. You have to collect keys, find portals and fight different enemies to ultimately face off against a trio of strong bosses.

The reward, however, is well worth the effort as it’s a unique charm that can only be obtained via this event.

So, let’s start by collecting the Keys necessary to kick things off.

How to Get the Keys for Pandemonium Event

You need three special keys to open portals that lead you to three distinct locations. From these locations, you can collect items that will ultimately help you to get to Uber Tristram, the primary location of the event.

The three main keys are: The Key of Terror, Hate, and Destruction. You can get these keys as a drop-off from different bosses while playing on the Hell difficulty only.

You should have each key in 3x amount before you proceed to the next stage. This is in order to cater to the fact that unless you play through all the portals in the same game, they may duplicate.

It’s also worth mentioning that each of the three types of keys has a similar resemblance. So, you’ll need to hover on each of them to differentiate amongst them.

Below we’ve mentioned how to get your hands on each of the three main keys.

Key of Terror

The Key of Terror can be obtained as a drop from the Countess. She is located on the Forgotten Towers Fifth Tower in Act One’s Black Marsh.

Defeating Countess is pretty straightforward. Just hit her with a handful of lightning attacks before finishing her off with a fire attack.

Key of Hate

The Summoner found at one of the four points of the Arcane Sanctuary in Act Two drops this one.

Killing the Summoner, is, again, not that difficult. You just have to keep dodging his mana attacks and when you get the chance, strike him with your sword.

Key of Destruction

Nihlathak will drop the Key of Destruction. He can be located in the Halls of Vaught. Particularly at the lowest of the three Halls levels accessible via Anya’s portal in Harrogath, in Act Five.

Like the Summoner, Nihlathak can carry out a variety of mana attacks. In addition, he can teleport from one place to the other as well.

You just need to dodge his attacks and charge at him, hitting him with your weapon, until he falls to the ground. Nihlathak is accompanied by a lot of his minions as well so you need to deal with them as well.


Once you’ve collected all the keys, go to Harrogath (Make sure you’re playing in Hell difficulty throughout). Place your keys one by one in Horadric Cube to convert them.

If you have collected all the keys, you can open red portals to these three locations Matron’s Den, Forgotten Sands and The Furnace of Pain. The opening sequence of these places is completely random.

We will be collecting items from these places. These items are what we need to open the red portal to Uber Tristram.

The Matron’s Den

Here you’ll find Lilith. She resembles Andariel and employs similar attacks however, they’re far more deadly. Lilith’s poison spray is particularly lethal.

Be prepared for her arm yourselves with strong poison resistance plus antidotes. Collect Diablo’s Horn from Lilith after defeating her.

The Forgotten Sands

Uber Duriel can be found roaming freely here. He’s a bigger, more dangerous version of Act Two’s boss Duriel. He’s equipped with a similar Holy Freeze Aura and other attacks. You’ll get Baal’s eye as drop from here.

The Furnace of Pain

You will encounter Uber Izual here. Uber Izual is a bigger dangerous version of the Super Unique quest monster Izual, found in Act Four’s Plains of Despair. Mephisto’s Brain is the drop you need from him.

Uber Tristram

To open the red portal to Uber Tristram place Diablo’s Horn, Mephisto’s Brain and Baal’s eye in Horadric Cube.

A red portal will appear using which you can go to Uber Tristram. Here you will encounter Uber Mephisto, Uber Baal and Pandemonium Diablo.

They all are beefed-up and much harder to deal with than usual. Their abilities, defense mechanism, the effectiveness of attacks and HPs are all increased significantly. You also have to deal with their summoned minions.

Let’s discuss all three of them individually.

Uber Baal

Uber Baal has all of Baal’s standard attacks, as well as Hoarfrost, Mana Rift, Incineration Nova, and others. He also has the ability to teleport and clone himself. So, you need to stay attentive while fighting this one.

Uber Mephisto

Uber Mephisto is a more ruthless version of himself. He has a variety of elemental attacks such as Blizzard and Lightning. His resistances are also very high. Beware of his spawned minions they can be brutal too sometimes.

Pandemonium Diablo

This is basically a buffed-up version of standard Diablo. He can use Armageddon, a Druid skill, to rain down fire on all his enemies. He frequently summons minions to back him up.


The main reward for completing the Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event is the Hellfire Torch, a one-of-a-kind special large charm that can only be obtained by completing the Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event.

The Hellfire Torch unique large charm has the following stats

  • +10-20 To All Attributes
  • All Resistances +10-20
  • +3 to random character class skills
  • 25% Chance to Cast level 10 Firestorm on Striking
  • Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)
  • +8 to light radius
  • Required Level: 75

Apart from the Hellfire Torch charm, each character in the game receives a Standard of Heroes item.

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