Diablo 2 Resurrected Mephisto Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you strategies and everything you need to know about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Mephisto Boss

There are bosses at the end of every act in Diablo 2 Resurrected that you have to defeat in order to progress to the next act. One such boss, Mephisto, appears at the end of Act 3. In this guide, we’ll be showing you everything you need to know about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Mephisto Boss Fight.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Mephisto Boss

In this guide, we will teach you the basics of how to fight the Mephisto boss, along with a few tips and tricks to make the fight easier.

Mephisto is the brother of Diablo and Baal that appears in the final section of Act 3. He was trapped inside the Soulstone from which he was freed by the help of priests.

Mephisto is one of the easiest monsters to defeat in Diablo 2 and drops the best loot for players, making him a popular choice for “Monster Runs” in the game.


Following are the stats for Mephisto at every difficultly level:


  • Required Level: 26
  • Boss Health: 6036
  • Experience Points Earned: 10718


  • Required Level: 59
  • Boss Health: 74547
  • Experience Points Earned: 240504


  • Required Level: 87
  • Boss Health: 94320
  • Experience Points Earned: 1148886

Mephisto’s Attacks

Mephisto engages in face-to-face combat, as well as cast magic spells on his enemies. Following are the magic spells that the boss will cast on you during the boss fight:

  • Lightning (1-390 DMG) – Throws lightning bolts at you.
  • Poison Cloud (66-164 DMG) – Creates a poison cloud around himself that deals damage if you get exposed to it.
  • Iceball (44-270 DMG) – Throws ice balls that deal physical and cold damage over time.
  • Frost Nova (40-200 DMG) – ???
  • Charged Bolt (1-194 DMG) – Charges his lightning bolts to deal extra damage.

Mephisto’s Weaknesses

Mephisto is weak to Poison the most whereas, physical attacks don’t work well against him.

Below are the stats for elemental type damage given to the boss in every difficulty level:


  • Fire: 33
  • Cold: 25
  • Poison: 50
  • Light: 33
  • Magical: 0
  • Physical: 0


  • Fire: 50
  • Cold: 25
  • Poison: 50
  • Light: 50
  • Magical: 0
  • Physical: 0


  • Fire: 75
  • Cold: 75
  • Poison: 75
  • Light: 75
  • Magical: 50
  • Physical: 20

How to Defeat Mephisto in D2 Resurrected

Since Mephisto is immune to every physical attack, it is better to engage in a ranged fight against him instead of going face to face.

However, there is a simple trick that you can use against him to cheat the system. When the fight starts, make him chase you towards the Blood Moat.

Run to the edge of it and make sure the boss follows you there. Once the boss is on the edge of the Blood moat, run towards the open area that you went past at the start of the level.

In the open area, Mephisto will not be able to chase you there. Now, you can shoot arrows, cast spells, throw anything you have in your hand at him. He will be able to see you but cannot deal any damage to you.

Keep dealing damage to him and the fight will be over within two to three minutes. This is the best trick that most of the speedrunners use when fighting against Mephisto.

Mephisto gives players the best quality loot, which is the reason he is the favorite boss to fight against for most speedrunners.

Loot Drops

Mephisto has great loot available for early-game. You’ll be getting different rewards based on the game’s difficulty.


  • Sigon’s Shelter
  • Isenhart’s Parry
  • Milabrega’s Diadem
  • Iratha’s Coil


  • Husoldal Evo
  • Lycander’s Flank
  • Blackhand Key
  • Lava Gout
  • M’avina’s Icy Clutch
  • War Traveler
  • Aldur’s Advance
  • Snowclash
  • Wilhelm’s Pride
  • The Atlantean
  • The Minotaur
  • Trang-Oul’s Wing
  • Bartuc’s Cut-Throat
  • Herald of Zakarum
  • Vampire Gaze
  • Natalya’s Totem
  • The Oculus
  • Gerke’s Sanctuary
  • Tal Rasha’s Lidless Eye
  • Skullder’s Ire
  • Magewrath
  • Guillaume’s Face
  • Demon Machine
  • Todesfaelle Flamme
  • Valkyrie Wing
  • Arreat’s Face
  • Swordguard
  • Homunculus
  • The Gavel of Pain
  • Goldstrike Arch
  • Guardian Angel
  • Immortal King’s Detail
  • Thundergod’s Vigor
  • Immortal King’s Pillar
  • Hellmouth
  • Gore Rider
  • Immortal King’s Forge


  • Warshrike
  • Stormlash
  • Horizon’s Tornado
  • Naj’s Light Plate
  • Head Hunter’s Glory
  • Firelizard’s Talons
  • Eaglehorn
  • Spirit Keeper
  • Doombringer
  • Arkaine’s Valor
  • Lightsabre
  • Azurewrath
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord
  • Credendum
  • Viperfork
  • Goneshade
  • Ondal’s Wisdom
  • Naj’s Puzzler
  • Demonhorn’s Edge
  • Andariel’s Visage
  • Hellrack
  • Hellslayer
  • Shadow Killer