Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Leveling Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you the best methods for Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Leveling, all the way from the beginning to the endgame

The Amazon Class in D2 Resurrected specializes in ranged combat with Bows, Javelins, and Crossbows. We’ll be showing you how you can best invest your attributes, skills, and abilities to reach the end-game as fast as possible in this Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Leveling Guide.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Leveling

Building your perfect Amazonian warrior is going to be a gradual process.

Keep in mind that not every skill is suitable for early levels. This is because some skills correspond well with late-game gear. Then there’s the problem with the lack of damage during the leveling phase.

So don’t expect amazing skills right from the get-go since we are building your character from the ground up. Knowing how to play as an Amazon is going to give you a huge boost.

That is why this Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Leveling guide will go into the nitty-gritty of Amazon’s skills. We will help you achieve the perfect skill tree without getting lost along the way and making viable Amazon Builds along the way.

Level 1-35 Leveling

Till you hit Level 12, place your points in the following skills. However, make sure to prioritize Poison Javelin as soon as you reach level 6. Prior to level 6, don’t put your points into anything else as it just won’t be worth it.

  • Jab
  • Poison Javelin (Will unlock at level 6)
  • Fire Arrow
  • Magic Arrow
  • Multishot

At the start of the game, it is recommended that you allocate points to the following skills. Jab, Fire Arrow, Magic Arrow and Multishot. Upgrade them to one until Poison Javelin is unlocked to you on Level 6.

Assign at least 6 points in Poison Javelin.

On Level 12, Exploding Arrow will finally unlock for you. It’s a useful bow and arrow skill so you need to redirect your focus to this skill.

Until you hit level 18 put all your points in Exploding arrow.

To unlock Charged strike on Level 18, place a point on Lightning Bolt. The connecting skills will open to you, one of them being Charged Strike (will get around Act 3).

Once again, hone all your points on Charged Strike till you hit Act 4.

This is the point where you need to pick your path. You can continue focusing your points on a Charged Strike or Power Strike or you can reset your skills again.

Why? Because in Act 4, Fire and Poison arrow becomes somewhat obsolete. Charged and Power strike build is going to help you survive and prevail after Act 4.

So, if you do decide to reset your skills, hyper-focus your points on Charged Strike and Power Strike.

Continue on with this rhythm until you hit about level 35. At this point, you should be at Nightmare, Den of Evil.

Level 35-75 Leveling

Now reset your skills again because this time you are going for a Lightning Fury and Pierce build.

Allot at least 5 points in Lightning Fury when it becomes available, then switch to Passive and Magic Category.

Follow the rightmost path, unlocking Critical strike, Penetrate, and then Pierce to you. Assign at least 4 or 5 points to Pierce before going back to the Javelin and Spear Skills Category.

Place the rest of your points in Charged Strike.

You are free to assign some points on the Lightning Bolt or Power Strike since they will synergize with your build anyways.

As you progress through the game, keep bumping up Lightning Fury till you max it out at 20. After that, focus on either Charged Strike or Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is a skill from the Passive and Magic Category. It allows you to summon a Valkyrie companion to fight alongside you.

At around level 64 you will have- 20 on Charged Strike, 20 on Lightning Fury, and 9 on Valkyrie.

Now let’s move on to the stats.

Attribute Points

As an Amazon, what attributes do you need to focus on? At level 60+ the points in your attributes should preferably look like this:

  • Vitality: 255
  • Dexterity: 65 (Corresponding to your throwing weapons requirement)
  • Strength: 60 (Can go further depending on the gear)
  • Energy: 16

An important thing to note, as you are leveling, you may need more points in energy. Since you were using fire and poison elements before, it won’t do you harm to allocate some points there.

You are able to reset your attributes anyways. Whenever you reach a high enough level, just reallocate your points again.


Let’s start with early game gear and move on from there.

Farm for Stealth. Install Tal and Eth Rune in it. It will help you to cast faster, run quicker, and have high stamina.

For the helmet, acquire Nadir, instilling it with ‘Neftir’ runes for the cloak of shadows.

Remember that early on in the game we have Fire Arrow and Poison Javelin. So, you need a bow with 2 or 3 open sockets for rubies. Whether it be Zephyr or Hunter’s Bow, gauge which one can buff your Fire Arrow the most.

Gloves and Shoes
Any belt will suffice. Regarding shoes, see if you can acquire Hsarus Iron Heel. A pair of Bloodfists would help you if you are in need of gloves.

Shield and Javelins
As for a shield, Ancient Pledge with ‘RalOrtTal’ installed will do you good. For Javelins, since your damage will be coming from charge strike, pick any Javelin with optimum stats.

Amulet and Rings
Any amulet with high life and resistance is recommended. Similar with rings; high resistances, max life, and damage are good so just focus on rings with these attributes.

Examples being Storm grip or Entropy Spiral.

It will help if you just focus on resistance when picking out your armor.

Equipment for End-Game

Moving on to Nightmare (High level) we need to boost your speed and resistances.

Starting from the shield, find and equip Rhyme. Install it with ‘ShaelEth’ runewords. This shield cannot be frozen plus it has great blocking speed, increased chance of blocking, and resistance against all elements.

For the helmet, switch to Lore Helm with ‘OrtSol’ runes installed. For the belt, you need boosted life so ‘Plated belt of the Whale’ is a viable option.

The Peace mail installed with ‘ShaelThulAmn’ is a solid armor choice. It raises the points on all skills by 2. Allows you to cast level 15 Valkyrie. Now prioritize Spears with increased attack speed such as ‘Throwing Spear of Readiness’.

Talking about speed, you need to move fast. Light plated boots of Haste are a good choice since it has +20% Run/Walk speed buff.

‘Viper Winding Demonhide Sash’ is highly recommended for a belt. It’s very rare hence hard to obtain but it’s worth the grind! We get strength, resistance, and life boost. It’s an all-rounder for sure.

Now for those pesky mobs who are immune to your Lightning fury. Equip ‘Foul Bone Wand of Lower Resistance’ to drop their lightning immunity.

After which attacking them with your usual weapons will yield better results. It’s just a good backup plan.

As for the other trinkets just focus on high resistances. Bonus if you manage to acquire buffs to strength, life and speed.

Now you know to never underestimate an Amazonian Warrior. Her elegance is shown on the battlefield through deadly means.

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