Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons, Items, Consumables and Weapon Attachments Guide

There are a ton of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons and Consumables to work around with. Even players who do not rely much on combat will stay relevant.

There are a ton of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons and Consumables to work around with. Even players who do not rely much on combat will find something to complement their playstyle.

In addition to primary, secondary weapons, there are tools that can help Jensen escape a tight situation, carry out successful hacks, and do so much more.

Lastly, there are a fistful of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons Attachments as well that allow players to customize their arsenal in a variety of ways.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons and Consumables Guide

Our guide on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons and Consumables details everything you need to know about these useful tools in the game.

Primary Weapons

Mods: Silencer, Laser, Full Auto

This is a fairly accurate weapon at close-to-medium range and useful against non-armored enemies. However, you should try and score headshots most of the times. Due to its low ammo cost, you can use it to sneak past enemies and take them out with headshots.

Mods: Laser, Hair Trigger
This weapon does crazy amount of damage and is fairly accurate – you just need to fire it slow. You should also consider applying Hair Trigger to increase the rate of fire. However, do note that Revolver’s ammo is pretty scarce.

Stun Gun
Mods: Laser
This non-lethal weapon has pretty decent range and can disable most targets without any difficulty. If you are one for stealth playthrough, you should try and have it with you at all times.

Machine Pistol
Mods: Silencer, Holosight, Laser, Full Auto
This is arguably the weakest weapons in the game. It not only has poor range and low damage output, but is very inaccurate. You should, however, find plenty of ammunition for it throughout the world. You can use it to spray multiple non-armored enemies without worrying about ammo.

Combat Rifle
Mods: Silencer, Holosight, Scope, Laser, Semi Auto
This weapon has quite decent damage output, range and can easily outshine most mid-ranged weapons. Make sure to stay behind cover when using the Combat Rifle and loot bodies to replenish the ammunition. I highly recommend semi-auto mod for better damage and accuracy.

Battle Rifle
Mods: Holosight, Scope, Laser
This weapon shines at mid-to-long range and can eliminate most of the enemies without much difficulty. You may find difficulty in finding ammunition so make sure to replenish whenever you are in Prague. Moreover, try and apply Holosight and Laser mods for the most efficiency.

Sniper Rifle
Mods: Laser
This weapon should only be used to eliminate solo targets or in order to start an engagement. Once done, switch to Battle Rifle to clear things up. You can also try to lure enemies in with this weapon and score quick kills with a shotgun or something familiar.

Lancer Rifle
Mods: Silencer
This is a high-end sniper rifle and can take out almost any enemy in the game with a single-shot – there are some exceptions. When it comes to using this weapon, treat it just like you would treat a Sniper Rifle.

Tactical Shotgun
Mods: Silencer, Laser, Burst Fire
This weapon does not have much range, but can kill a target in just a couple of hits. Enemies who usually charge Jensen are equipped with Tactical Shotgun so make sure to be prepared for them. You need to enhance the damage output as early as possible and reap those kills.

Devastator Shotgun
Mods: N/A
There are not many of this weapon in the game, but you can find it if you try hard. The weapon works exactly like the Tactical Shotgun with faster reload speed and rate-of-fire.

Tranquilizer Rifle
Mods: Laser
If you are one for stealth playthrough, you must have this weapon in your arsenal. There are many other things that can achieve the same purpose, but this weapon is the best out there! The weapon has insane range, works on almost everyone, and has crazy high accuracy.

Grenade Launcher
Mods: N/A
You do not gain access to Grenade Launcher until late in the game. Once you have, you should be able to disable/kill bunch of enemies without any difficulty. Moreover, the weapon is capable of firing all types of grenades with the sole exception of Smoke Grenades.

Secondary Weapons

Fragmentation Grenade
This deals huge amount of damage to anyone caught in the blast radius and is enough to send everyone down at your position. If you do not care about stealth, you should try to use it to clear a bunch of enemies.

Concussion Grenade
This grenade allows you to stun multiple targets at the same time so that you are able to follow up with takedowns and other non-lethal attacks.

Gas Grenade
This grenade can easily incapacitate multiple enemies at the same time allowing you to breeze through the area – provided that you have a gas mask on. Do, however, note that the grenade does not work on robotic enemies.

EMP Grenade
You can use these grenades to disable drones, turrets, augmentations, robots, and even guards using Invisibility/Titan. Moreover, they can also disable some bosses for you to quickly head in for a takedown.

Smoke Grenade
As the name suggests, Smoke Grenade basically allow you to create a smokescreen so that you are able to breeze through an area, avoid getting shot, or lure someone’s attention.

Consumables and Items

There are multiple types of alcohol available in the game – all of them have same effects. Alcohol basically allow you to replenish your HP to full, but at the cost of your vision getting obscured for 30 seconds. Keeping this in view, you should try to use Alcohol before a big fight.

This allows you to regenerate large amount of energy in almost no time. This is especially useful when you have to rely on spamming your abilities and cannot wait for natural regeneration.

Datascan Software
This software allows you to reveal invisible datastores which can be used to earn extra XP and money.

This thing allows you to instantly replenish a large portion of your lost HP. Particularly useful in large fights when you cannot rely on Alcohol or Painkillers.

This basically allow you to hack into anything, but only once. These things break after a single use which is why you should consider using them on Level 5 hacks or if you are really stuck somewhere without a keycode or a password.

Nuke Software
This software allows you to instantly capture a node, but begins a trace. Due to this, you should try and use it to capture a difficult node when there is already a trace running.

Overclock Software
As the name suggests, this software allows you capture and fortify nodes really fast. You should try to use the software if there is a trace running and you need to complete the hack in time.

Stop Worm
This thing allows you to acquire some valuable time once you are under a trace and can prevent the alarm from being triggered.

Stealth Software
This software allows you to remain stealthy while hacking and use it on high-end nodes so that you are not caught.

Reveal Software
There are some nodes in the game which are not immediately revealed and are hidden behind fog. In such cases, you can use the Reveal Software to reveal all hidden nodes and plan your hacking accordingly.

This is all we have on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Weapons, Items, Consumables Guide. If there is anything you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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