Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions Guide – The Harvester, The Last Harvest

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions Guide to help you complete The Harvester and The Last Harvester which revolve around series of murders.

These two optional missions in the game are tied together and revolve around a series of cold-blood murders happening in the Prague.

After returning to your safehouse, you will be able to investigate these murders happening near your apartment and will be able to help out the police department in figuring out what is happening.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions

Like with other Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions, you can approach a situation in multiple ways. We have tried to cover a few of these approaches in the guide to help you out.

The Harvester

Location: Prague, Second Visit

You need to leave your apartment via the south hallway to come across a crime scene. You need to linger on for a while and then speak with a woman named Daria. It is highly advisable to sympathize with her to proceed.

Once you are done, you need to speak with the police detective named Montag. You need to agree to help Montag and look around the crime scene using Smart Vision.

You are basically looking for the following things: a screwdriver in victim’s body, marks on victim’s body, bruises on victim’s body, an EMP located near the body, an ID card near Daria, broken glass near cops, and an augment near the body.

Once you are done, speak with Daria again and learn as much as you can. After that, you need to head over to Pilgrim’s Station and inside the marked apartment.

After you are inside the apartment, you need to speak with Mr. Gunn and ask him about Belltower, Angela, and find a medical form placed near the bed, inside the main room.

Once you are done, you need to head over to Montag and inquire about Radko Perry and tell him all about evidence that you found. After you are done, head over to police station, into the basement, and search the lockers to find Smolenski’s Notes which will tell you about the Harvester.

After learning about the Harvester, speak with Radko outside the police station and exhaust every dialogue. After that, you need to sneak inside his building, takedown the secretary, and head inside the basement.

Once you are inside the basement, you need to examine the Bear’s Head, use the PC messenger to negotiate with Ivanka, and get the picture from the ground.

From there, you need to head back to Montag, tell him about everything you have discovered and complete this Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions… for now, at least!

The Last Harvest

Location: Prague, Third Visit

During your third visit to Prague, you need to visit TF-29 in order to receive a call from Daria. After you head back to your apartment, you will come across Montag.

After speaking with him, you need to hack into the apartment and find the following clues: a diary, a cat collar, blood on the floor, textbook inside the living room, accessory inside the closet, and the number 698843.

Once you have found all the clues, you need to hack into Daria’s laptop and find plenty of evidence. From there, you need to head over to pharmacy in central Prague and find Dr. Cipra – he will give you absolutely nothing.

In order to extract information, you need to find the Pocket Secretary on the counter and gain access to Dr. Cipra’s room on the upper floor. Once you are there, you need to move the fridge and find an eBook behind it.

Talk to Dr. Cipra about it and learn something new from him. From there, head back to Daria’s apartment and into the closet. Continue to follow the vent and you will eventually find yourself outside – while following the blood trail.

Once you are back on the ground, head inside the sewer entrance, and continue to follow the path to come across The Harvester. After the conversation, you will find yourself in a fix.

In order to complete the mission, it is highly recommended that your turn on your Smart Vision to see through the smoke and use a basic takedown on The Harvester. Once done, search the body to find all the information you need in order to complete another of many Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions.

One important thing that you need to note here is that The Harvester has a Titan Augmentation and is not easy to hit.

This is all we have on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions – The Harvester, The Last Harvest Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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