Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure Guide – Eye of Savathûn Boss Tips, Lost Oasis, Iraz

Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure Guide will guide you through the entire adventure and will help you defeat the Taken Wizard, Iraz, Eye of Savathûn.

Adventures has small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure, players are tasked to stop a Taken plot to twist reality.

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Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure Guide will detail all there is to complete the adventure and defeating the Taken Wizard, Iraz, Eye of Savathûn.

Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure

Reward: Ability unlock

Unexpected Guests Adventure takes place in Lost Oasis and campaign mission Fury is required to be completed first. As the adventure starts, follow the waypoint to Terrabase Charon and eliminate the Taken forces. Continue fighting until the objective is updated and follow the Taken down into The Wraith Mines.

The waypoint will lead you to a Taken portal and wait for a group of Taken come out of the portal and follow them to the next cavern. The objective will update as you discover the first of three energy nodes.

To complete your new objective first you need to collect an energy charge from the node and deliver it to one of the gaps near the Taken portal. Simply follow the marker and deliver the energy charge to receive the location of the next energy node. As you place the first charge more Taken enemies will appear and you will face more tough enemies in the subsequent attempts.

After delivering the third and final node the portal collapses and a powerful Taken Wizard, Iraz, Eye of Savathûn, will appear. This Wizard deals heavy damage and possesses a durable Void Shield with a very fast recharge rate and summons waves upon waves of Shadow Thralls.

Void damage is helpful against Iraz, Eye of Savathûn.Use cover to minimize the damage from Iraz, Eye of Savathûn’s attack while dealing with the lesser foes and then divert your attention to Iraz, Eye of Savathûn and be efficient. Once Iraz, Eye of Savathûn is defeated the adventure will conclude.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Unexpected Guests Adventure Guide with tips on how to defeat Iraz, Eye of Savathûn.

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