Destiny 2 Cliffhanger Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Cliffhanger Adventure Guide will guide you through the entire Cliffhanger adventure that tasks players to stop Vex and face the Tekton, Constructive Mind.

Adventures has small self-contained missions that are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Cliffhanger Adventure, players will have to stop Vex forces from advancing their designs on the moon and defeat Tekton, Constructive Mind.

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Destiny 2 Cliffhanger Adventure

The adventure will take place in the Lost Oasis sector and campaign mission Fury is required to be completed. As the adventure begins, follow the waypoint to Spine Burrows where you will encounter a group of Vex. Soon after you arrive, the lesser foes will vanish and a powerful Hydra, Tekton, Constructive Mind, will appear.

Engage the Tekton, Constructive Mind, but do not use your abilities and super as after taking a bit of damage he will become immune to attacks and a Vex assault force will teleport to the area. Once you have defeated this wave of enemies, follow the waypoint to track the Hydra across the surface of Io.

The waypoint will take you to the edge of a cliff and wait for the Vex portal to materialize that will launch to a small floating platform.

As you land, more platforms will appear near you, just make your way through the platforms to the waypoint.

Establish a link with the Vex network by standing in the ring at the center of the platform.

After that, stay put and defend the area to establish the connection and the enemies will come from all sides. Defend it until the connection is 100% and the remaining hostiles will leave the area and a bigger stronger Vex called the Gatekeeper will appear, so this is the time to use your Super and wipe him out and all the rest.

Follow the waypoint to another Vex portal and launch yourself to a new cluster of platforms.

Follow the waypoint through the platforms to locate Tekton, Constructive Mind. His shield will prevent you from dealing damage so; time your shots to slip through the gaps in the Hydra’s shield.

Once his armor is depleted to half, Vex forces will start to appear. Therefore, you will have to deal with them along with the Hydra.

At around 40% armor remaining for the Hydra, he will once again become immune to attacks. Two Cyclopes will appear in this vicinity. Eliminate them to put an end to Tekton’s damage immunity.

Now the battle will enter into the final phase, keep an eye on lesser enemies while you deplete the Hydra of its armor.

Once Tekton, Constructive Mind is defeated another portal will appear. Return to solid ground and the adventure will end.

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