Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure Guide – Giant’s Scar, Viadon, Inquisitor Mind Boss Tips

Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure Guide will guide you through the entire adventure and will help you with defeating the Viadon, Inquisitor Mind.

Adventures has small self-contained missions that are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure Guide, players are tasked with assaulting the Vex with leftover hardware from the Cabal occupation.

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Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure Guide will detail all there is to know to complete the adventure and defeat Viadon, Inquisitor Mind.

Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure

Reward: Rare Weapon

Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure will take place on Giant’s Scar and campaign mission Fury is required to be completed. As the adventure begins, follow the waypoint to find a locked garage. Open the door using the marked switch and climb on one of the revealed Interceptors. Now follow the waypoint to the nearby drill and clear this area of enemies that will appear in waves.

Once that is done follow the waypoint to Terrabase Charon. As you reach the Vex incursion, use your Interceptor to clear the area of enemies. Once it is done, follow the waypoint to Lost Oasis where you will face three Hydras leading the Vex incursion.

The Hydras will be scattered throughout the area, just follow the waypoint and locate each of them. Once all three of them are destroyed, continue on to The Rupture and investigate the final Vex incursion. As you reach the Rapture, you will be tasked to destroy a Vex Mind called Viadon, Inquisitor Mind.

Well-timed shots on this enemy will deal significant damage but his attacks can be overwhelming. Keep moving, user cover and keep shooting. Once Viadon, Inquisitor Mind is defeated the adventure concludes.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Road Rage Adventure Guide with tips on how to defeat the Viadon, Inquisitor Mind.

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