Destiny 2 Arecibo Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Arecibo Adventure Guide will guide you through the entire Adventure and will help you will all the beacons located in different sectors.

Adventures have small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. Arecibo Adventure Guide is a pretty straight forward Adventure that tasks players to follow a trail of mysterious Golden Age beacons.

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Destiny 2 Arecibo Adventure

Arecibo Adventure takes place in The Rupture sector of Io and players are required to complete the campaign mission Fury first.

As the adventure begins, follow the waypoint to discover a cave where you will find a group of Vex guarding a strange beacon. Clear the area and examine the beacon to update your objective.

The updates objective will take you to the Giant’s Scar, and once you have dealt with the Vex look for a small cave and head inside and examine the floating beacon to receive your next objective.

Now follow your waypoint which will take you to Terrabase Charon and fight your way for a small cave nearby, head inside and examine the beacon to update the objective.

The new waypoint will lead you to Warmind Vault JYS-2, in the middle of the world’s map. Your waypoint will lead you to the end of the adventure but you must be ready for the fight.

The Vex will attack you in waves but the music will trap them so that you can damage them.

The music does go on and off so you must not entirely rely on it! At the end of the Vex assault you will have to deal with bunch of Minotaurs and the three Cyclops.

Finally follow the musical broadcast to complete the adventure.

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