Destiny 2 Recovering the Past Quest Guide

This guide will contain a detailed walkthrough of Recovering the Past Quest. After the introduction of the Season of the...

This guide will contain a detailed walkthrough of Recovering the Past Quest. After the introduction of the Season of the Dawn, all the players have to start working again with Osiris; who requires your assistance in completing numerous tasks around the Red Legion and the Infinite Forest. Let us continue to complete the Destiny 2 Recovering the Past quest.

Destiny 2 Recovering the Past Quest

Recovering the Past is the second quest assigned to players by Osiris after they complete A Matter of Time and activate the Sundial. Below are all the quest steps for Recovering the Past.

Field Research
First, you would have to defeat bosses in Recovering the Past in order to get energy patterns in the system. You can defeat them in any way you prefer.

The quickest way to do this would be by finishing a Sundial Arena run. Just start the activity from the map and take all three out without searching the entire system for them.

Vex Data Collection
In this step, you would employ a shotgun along with melee attack to take out enemies. Like the former step you have two options; first is to search through the whole area and find those enemies out and kill them or you can use the sundial to do it quickly.

If you use the Sundial it would be very fast, so it is advised to do another task in parallel with this one. Doing the Python Ritual Weapon quest would be a good choice for that.

To complete this step, you must kill 100 enemies with a shotgun and 25 with a melee attack.

Finishing Touches
Unfortunately, you can no longer use the Sundial Arena to grind this objective as it requires you to complete the Pyramidion Strike. So simply head on to Io, start up the Pyramidion strike and finish it.

Your next step would be to collect five weapon enhancers which you can do by completing Crucible or Gambit matches, or you can do other strikes.

A New Paradox
When you are done with all the previous steps, you have to go back to Mercury and talk to Osiris in order to complete the quest and you will get Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox Shotgun as a reward for completing Recovering the Past quest.

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