Destiny 2 The Pyramidion Strike Guide – The Rupture, Altar Room, Warpgates, Boss Battle Tips

In this Destiny 2 the Pyramidion Strike Guide, we will walk you through The Pyramidion Strike in Destiny 2. Strikes are PVE levels in Destiny 2 and they are completed with a team of players all in for the loot and experience. The Pyramidion is one of the five Strikes in Destiny 2 and it is full of enemies, tons of loot and difficult bosses.

We have detailed everything that you need to know about The Pyramidion Strike in our Destiny 2 The Pyramidion Strike Guide such as how to complete different objectives, how to kill sub-bosses and the final boss.

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Destiny 2 the Pyramidion Strike Guide

Destiny 2 The Pyramidion Strike Guide details everything you need to know about clearing and exploring The Pyramidion Strike for loot in Destiny 2. Recommended Power for this strike is 140. For Nightfall, Required Power is 230 while Recommended Power is 240.

Destiny 2 the Pyramidion Strike

Sector 1: The Rupture

Area 1: Pyramidion Entrance Altars
For this area, Super and Grenades are optional for one player. Variations may include additional hobgoblins and Storm Minotaurs

For the entrance, use a more subtle approach, rather than an attack everything approach. This is a very good area with many surrounding sites good for long-range sniping. Send the player with most HP to deal with the Vex forces in close combat while remaining two players provide sniper support. Eliminate all the threat and step in the circular altars of light to open the doors. If each teammate stands on one altar, this process is completed quickly. Descend in the open structure once the process is complete.


Sector 2: The Rupture

Area 1: Colossal Steps
For this area, Super and grenades are optional for one player.

Once inside, eliminate all the enemies and drop on each step of the gigantic stepped chamber. Eliminate the warping Vex forces comprising of Goblins and Minotaurs. Have one player engage the enemy at close-quarters while other two at higher points for sniper support. Keep descending down and killing the enemies until you reach the final step.

Jump on it and pass between the first three white laser traps. Kill the goblins in the connecting passage and then jump over the laser floor. Jump over the next laser wall and slide under the next. During the drop, steer yourself to avoid all the lasers during the descent.

Area 2: First Warpgate
Once down, remain on the higher platform and kill all the harpies and the goblins that you see up ahead. Head across this exterior chamber and have one of the teammates execute a super on the large army of Goblins, Minotaurs, and Harpies. Keep distance and eliminate the remaining enemies and then move on ahead towards the warpgate. Kill the flock of Harpies. When you have killed all the Vex forces, the warpgate will open.

Area 3: Altar Room
For this area, Super is recommended for two players while grenades are recommended for all players.

Once through the warpgate, when you are on the next laser traps, time your movements so that you avoid all the laser traps. Some will disappear and then reappear so you must plan accordingly. Keep going down until you reach the altar room.

Area 4: Conduit
For this area, Super is optional for one player while Grenades are recommended for all players.

Once down, you will see a long conduit chamber it will have a number of laser traps and Vex forces in between them. Time your sprint through the initial walls and then take down the Hobgoblins and then other foes before you head straight in the tube-like conduit. Time the dash through the rotating lasers so you can easily make your way through them and you can manage this in one single sprint. Drop into the teleport.

Area 5: Tower Platform
For this area, Super and Grenades are recommended for all players while variations include additional hobgoblins.

In this chamber, you need to activate three Vex altars. You will find a large enemy presence here so you need to take them out. Once done, start to activate the altars. Each time you activate an altar; more reinforcements will arrive to be ready to face them. When all three altars are active, a Hydra will appear. Use a Super to quickly kill it and finish off the remaining enemy reinforcements.

Once done, jump through the warpgate. Step onto a large platform, which has a central sunken area and a teleport at the far end. Here you will find two small plinths and some stationary Cyclopses. They are rare enemies and they fire a high damaging laser. When it is damaged, it fires a barrage of lasers so be careful. Take it slow; do not rush at this part. Kill the enemies and move forward. Head towards the network towers that you need to hack.

Enemy reinforcements will spawn near them so kill them quickly and then approach each of the white glowing small towers. Kill all the Vex forces present in the area. As soon as the hack starts, more enemies will spawn so protect the hacker. Hack one tower at a time and you will be fine.

Area 6: Conduit and Final Altar – Boss Battle
For this area and boss battle, Supers and Grenades are recommended. There are no variations. Boss’s weak spot is Red head slit and then torso opening.

Travel through the final warpgate and drop down the colossal conduit to an altar chamber, which is roughly triangular. It will have numerous gaps in the floor so avoid them. You will die if you fall through them. When you drop to the final Altar, the final boss will appear. The massive Hobgoblin. To start the battle, you should know where the boss would attack you from. The boss appears from the edge of the arena closest to the altar you are standing on.

Spread out and each player should be located in a way that all low block cover opportunities are utilized. As soon as the boss appears, unload on his face and keep hitting him until he runs back and raises an impenetrable white shield. At this point, Goblins will arrive to support the boss. Kill the goblins quickly and then stand on the appearing altar circle to weaken the Boss’s white shield. The second wave of goblins will arrive. Kill them as well.

As soon as the shield is dropped, attack the boss again. This time he will control the low covers so they are not guaranteed this time. Use your best-ranged weapons to take out his health as quickly as possible. Use your supers and grenades to take the boss down. During the battle, you will deal with at least two or three shields before the boss is defeated. Each time the shield is up, enemies that are more powerful will come to attack you. Defeat the boss and collect your loot.

This concludes our Destiny 2 the Pyramidion Strike Guide. If you want to add anything, feel free to use the comments section below!

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