Destiny 2 A Matter of Time Quest Guide

The Season of Dawn in Destiny 2 brings a whole new story and quests that have you racing against the clock, quite literally. The starting quest, A Matter of Time, of this season will have players assisting Osiris to repair the Sundial. So read on for our complete Destiny 2 A Matter of Time quest guide.

Destiny 2 A Matter of Time Quest

To start out you have to go to Ikora at the tower and take the seasonal quest from her. You will be given Disturbance on Mercury quest steps and told that your help is required by Osiris.

Open Director and go-to destinations and click on Mercury. Click on the new mode at the top of the Sundial and move towards the waypoint. The next part of the quest will be given to you by Osiris as he seeks your help in repairing the Sundial Obelisk.

Now we will have a step by step walkthrough of the whole quest.

Recovery Operation
In this part of A Matter of Time quest, we will be repairing the Sundial Obelisk on the Tangled Shore. Items from dead Cabal are needed in order to do this. Kill every Cabal after spawning in Soriks Cut till you get all the required items. Go to the fast travel Point at Thieves Landing when you are done.

You will find the Obelisk beside the fast travel point. Interact with the console on the lower platform and repair the Obelisk.


Light Collection
You have to collect Light when the Oblisk is repaired. For this collect Orbs of light by killing all the enemies with your abilities and Super. Equipping a Masterworked weapon will ensure more light Orbs to be dropped.

Charge your light to 100 percent by killing your enemies using super abilities, preferably in a group to drop more light orbs. Go back to the Obelisk to activate it and link it to the Sundial.

The Sundial
You would have to enter the Sundial Arena for letting Osiris calibrate the machine to you so that you would be able to time travel.

For that, you have to use the Sundial Playlist by opening your Director and going to Destinations. Clicking there will take you to matchmade activity.

In the Sundial arena, your 6-man fireteam will be put up against hordes of Cabal. You will have to fight a boss when the progress bar becomes full, after that, you will return to the place you met Osiris and get a weapon and the Lantern of Osiris Artifact and your A Matter of Time quest would be completed.

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