Dead Space Remake Side Missions Guide

The Dead Space Remake introduces a few side missions for you to complete for bonus rewards. These were not there in the original game.

In addition to a massive graphical overhaul, the Dead Space remake brings some new changes including side missions that were not there in the original game.

Keep in mind that the Dead Space remake is a commendably faithful adaptation. The new side missions that you will be able to complete on the USG Ishimura serve to add more to the lore and backstory of events leading up to the Necromorph infestation.

The following guide will tell you how to unlock and find these side missions in the Dead Space remake for their respective bonus rewards.

Scientific Methods walkthrough

Dr. Nicole Brennan, a senior medical officer and the person who Isaac is trying to save on the USG Ishimura, was conducting valuable research on the Necromorphs including autopsies on cadavers. You can complete the Scientific Methods side mission to know more about her discoveries.

To unlock Scientific Methods, you need to access Nicole’s office in the Main Lab. You can do so after reaching the second chapter of the game. Head to the marked location on the map below and interact with the audio log on the table inside her office. This will start the Scientific Methods side mission.

Reveal Nicole’s hidden room

Your mission to find out what Nicole was up to begins with the Emergency Room. Head over there and interact with a bed to play a hologram recording of Nicole that will soon disappear into a wall.

You now need to open the hidden door in the wall. For that, you need to use the Power Cell in the Emergency Room to power up the Shower Rooms. This will reveal the hidden door that can then be opened by using your kinesis power.

Head inside the hidden room to find another audio log of Nicole.

Reach the autopsy room

The audio log will talk about autopsies that Nicole was performing on the Necropmorphs. So, now you need to find the autopsy room which is located in the Calibration Room.

Head to the Security Station in the Engineering department and then follow the route to the Prep Room. From there, go down to the Machine Shop and take a right from the Refueling Stations to find the Calibration Room.

There will be a Bench nearby as well if you want to upgrade your weapons.

Reveal Kyne’s hideout

Your next objective will be to find Kyne’s hideout by rerouting power just as before. Make your way to Maintenance on Deck D and head into Secure Storage. Follow the hall to the end to find a Circuit Breaker that you need to flip to reroute power to Storage 02.

This will reveal Kyne’s hideout. Head inside the room to find an audio log.

Reach Mercer’s Quarters

While you can access Nicole’s office to start Scientific Methods as soon as Chapter 2, you will not be able to complete the side mission until Chapter 10.

This is because you need to get to Mercer’s Quarters on the Crew Deck which only becomes accessible in Chapter 10. However, make sure to complete the side mission in Chapter 10 because it will automatically fail when you start Chapter 11.

When you can finally access the Crew Deck, go down the Common Area and you will find an elevator that needs power. Remember its location because you will be returning here shortly.

Move toward the Gym to find a Power Cell inside the Basketball Room. Use the Power Cell to power up the elevator and take the Crew Deck Key from the corpse on the corner of the room.

Return to the Common Area and take the elevator to the first floor. Escape the Hunter following your confrontation with Mercer and Temple, and stick to your objectives until you finally reach the Deluxe Quarters.

Head inside the Guest Quarters and listen to a recorded conversation between Nicole and Isaac. Once that is done, move to the next room and interact with the terminal to complete the Scientific Methods side mission in the Dead Space remake.


  • You will unlock the Whole Again achievement.

You Are Not Authorized walkthrough

You Are Not Authorized is a side mission that makes almost everything accessible in USG Ishimura. The crew members on USG Ishimura suffered with their lives due to the outbreak of Necromorhps leaving their belongings on the ship. You need to collect the RIGs of different crew members to make an Override Device that unlocks rewarding accessories for you in Dead Space Remake.

To unlock You Are Not Authorized, you need to interact with the Bridge Security in Captain’s Nest during Chapter 4. Go to the marked location on the map below and interact with the device. This will initiate the You Are Not Authorized side mission.

Moreover, you can also unlock this side mission by interacting with any door that requires Master overdrive to unlock. Try to open the door, and your mission will start automatically.

Find all of the RIGs

You can find the location of each RIG very easily. Go to your mission menus and select “You Are Not Authorized”. Click on the Track Objective and follow the path the locator indicates to collect all the RIGs easily.

Voelkner’s RIG

Your mission to collect the RIGs starts at Hangar Bay. Here you will find the rig of Hangar Overseer Voelkner. Follow the locator and reach the Vacuum. Take a left turn, and you will see the rig next to the O2 Recharge Station.

White’s RIG

For White’s rig, you need to leave Ishimura to go outside. You can pick the rig without putting much effort. Head toward the third ADS Cannon by moving through the Airlock Door. You will find the rig lying there on the floor.

Holt’s RIG

For the next rig, you have to reach the Hydroponics location. You must reach the East Grow Chamber by unlocking the second floor’s door using the Circuit Breaker. You must aim for the Yellow Sacs generating Necromorph tissue in huge masses. Look below the sacs to find the rig.

Dallas’s RIG

You will be looking for the rig of Mining Supervisor Dallas. Reach the Mineral Processing Control Room and remove all the toxic materials from the Disentrigator. You will find the rig in the room.

Rosseau’s RIG

To find the rig of Chief Engineer Rosseasu, you must reach the top floor of the Fuel Storage in the Engineering department. To access the room containing the rig, you need level 3 clearance. You can return to get this rig after obtaining Dallas’s rig in Chapter 7.

Bailey’s RIG

Reach the Communication Control Room by taking the elevator from the Bridge to the 3rd floor. Move from the Communication Mess Hall toward the Communication Room to collect Officer Bailey’s rig.

Benson’s Rig

Next, you must collect Tram Supervisor Benson’s rig from the Tram Maintenance Tunnels. You can unlock this area after completing Chapter 9. You can access the Crew Deck from the Bridge. From Deck, you need to move toward the Tunnels to acquire the rig.

Create a Master Override

After obtaining all the rigs, make your way toward the Captain’s Nest. Interact with the same Device that you did to start the mission.

You will create a Master Override, unlocking all the Crates, Lockers, and Doors within the Ishimura. This will complete the You Are Not Authorized side mission in the Dead Space Remake.


  • You will unlock the Full Clearance achievement.

Premeditated Malpractice walkthrough

Hunter is a regenerator-type Necromorph created by Biological Engineering on the USG Ishimura. The origin of the Hunter remains a mystery, and many thought the person that suffered from Dr. Challus Mercer’s experiment was Brant Harris.

He was changed into this monstrous creation while being on USG Ishimura. You can complete Premeditated Malpractice side mission to know more about the origin of Hunter.

To unlock the Premeditated Malpractice, you need to acquire the tissue sample of Hunter. You can obtain the tissue after completing Chapter 6 and defeating the Hunter.

Go to Medical Deck and head to the Cyrogenics to pick up the tissue from the Central Chamber. This will start the Premeditated Malpractice side mission.

Scan a tissue sample

Take the tissue and make your way toward the Main Lab in the Medical department. You need to move toward the machine in the center of the room. This will reveal that the tissue belongs to the former crew member Harris. Now you need to investigate the area where Harris was during the medical procedure.

From the Security Station, move toward the Emergency Room. Pass the Emergency Hallways A and B to reach the Intensive Care Unit. Look for a terminal close to the bed. Interact with the terminal to play a Hologram video.

Investigate the Ore Storage

You must complete Chapter 6 to unlock the Minning Deck containing the Ore Storage Room. Make your way to Deck C- Mining, as fewer laser traps exist here. To block the lasers, use kineses power to lift the crates and put them down at the right spot. You need to reach the end of the Hallway to find the Ore Storage Room.

Head inside the room and extract some ore from the corner. You will see a video of Harris fighting with his other crew members when they confront him for stealing ore from the room.

Find the report on the bridge

Reach the terminal next to the Bridge’s entrance from the Tram station. Your interaction will initiate a hologram recording. The recording shows Nicole never approved the biological experiments Dr Mercer did on Harris. She knew something could go wrong and was arguing with Mathius regarding the procedures.

Investigate Hydroponics

For your last objective of the mission, get to the Central Hub by using the elevator from the Hydroponics Tram Station. Cross the Sapling Room and turn left to reach the West Tower. Reach the West Grow Chamber by taking the elevator after crossing the flow control. From the Chamber, take the elevator and reach the Nutrition Systems.

Head inside the Diagnostic Lab to find the final audio log. The audio proves that Hunter was Harris. He became a prey of the biological procedures of Dr. Mercer.


  • You will unlock the Final Regeneration achievement.
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