Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice Side Mission Guide

Dead Space Remake features three additional side missions in addition to its main 12-chapter story. One of these is called Premeditated Malpractice, which centers around Doctor Challus Mercer and his patient Brent Harris, as you try to find out the origins of Hunter.

To complete the Premeditated Malpractice side mission in Dead Space Remake, you must complete a series of objectives, which can be found spread across two to three chapters. However, you can complete this quest any time before the Point of No Return. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Premeditated Malpractice side quest, including the completion of all objectives.

Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice walkthrough

At the conclusion of Chapter 5, Lethal Devotion, the player will come across the Hunter within cryogenic chambers located on the Medical Deck. To progress through the game and unlock Premeditated Malpractice, you must first defeat the Hunter.

Once the Hunter has been defeated, you will automatically receive the side mission.

The side quest is subdivided into five objectives that you need to complete. Out of these five, only the first two can be completed in Chapter 6 while for the rest three, you need to advance to Chapter 7. Here is the list of all the objectives:

  • Scan Tissue Sample
  • Find Harris’s ICU Bed
  • Investigate Ore Storage
  • Find Report on the Bridge
  • Investigate Hydroponics

How to get the DNA Scanner and scan tissue sample

To determine the identity of the tissue sample owner, it is necessary to have it scanned. To do this, you must travel to the Main Lab located at the Medical Tram Station. Don’t forget to turn on your current objective so that the in-game locator can guide you to your destination for the side quest.

Upon reaching the level 1 Main Lab on the Medical Deck, you will come across a DNA Scanning machine situated on one of the tables. To initiate the analysis, simply interact with the machine.

After a brief analysis, the DNA Scanning machine will reveal that the tissue sample belongs to the Miner Brent Harris. This will complete the current objective and trigger a new one, which is to locate Harris’ ICU bed.

 Where to find Harris’s ICU Bed

To reach the Intensive Care Unit on the Medical Deck, the player must follow the directions and use the map, passing the Security Station and the emergency room in the Ishimura Clinic, as well as both ER Hallways.

Once in the ICU, the player must locate the damaged bed and interact with the screen in front of it to start playing a Hologram recording of Doctor Mercer and Miner Harris. In the hologram recording, Doctor Mercer can be seen inserting something into Harris’s brain. This will provide further clues to help the player progress in the quest.

How to investigate the Ore Storage

Once the hologram recording is over, the quest will update marking the current objective as complete. The new objective will start in which you need to investigate ore storage.

But before that, you need to complete Chapter 6 and advance to Chapter 7 to unlock the Mining Deck. Once unlocked you can continue with this side quest objective to finish Premeditated Malpractice.

Track the current objective and it will lead you to Ore Storage on level 4 of Deck C. On the way to the mining deck, there are multiple damaging lasers. You must counter them by placing crate boxes in front of the lasers using the Kinesis.

In the Ore Storage room, you will find some boxes stacked in the left corner. Use Kinesis to pick them up and move away to reveal a computer screen. Interacting with it will play recorded audio of a miner calling for security as he witnesses Harris stealing from the Ore Storage.

Next up you have to find a report on the bridge and this is perhaps the most confusing part of the Premeditated Malpractice quest in Dead Space Remake.

How to find Report on the Bridge

To find a report on the bridge, return to the tram and set the bridge as the destination. There is no indication of the report’s exact location in the game. Upon entering the main atrium, look for a screen on the right side near a raised platform.

Interacting with it will activate a holographic recording of a conversation between Nicolas and Captain Mathews, covering the events between Harris and Doctor Mercer. Collecting this log actually ends up being counted as the report you are looking for and a new objective to investigate Hydroponics will commence.

Investigating the Hydroponics

To move to the Hydroponics Diagnostic Lab, take the elevator to the top and enter the West Grow Chamber. Eliminate any enemies you encounter. Then, take the central elevator to the 2nd floor and move straight ahead to reach the Hydroponics Control.

On the left, you’ll see the Nutrition Systems. Enter the room by opening the gate, being cautious of the hazardous gas and enemies within.

In the Diagnostic Lab, you’ll find an Audio Log resting on a pedestal. The log contains a conversation between Doctor Mercer and Harris.

Upon finishing the recording, the side quest will be completed, and you’ll receive rewards for finishing the Premeditated Malpractice side quest. The Final Regeneration trophy will be awarded for finding the Hunter’s Origin at the end of this quest.

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