Dead Space Prototype Stasis Module Location Guide

The Prototype Stasis Module weapon upgrade freezes and immobilizes enemies. This guide will tell you where to find it in Dead Space.

You have several weapons at your disposal in Dead Space, all of which have their own weapon upgrades to unlock against the Necromorph infestation aboard the USG Ishimura.

The Prototype Stasis Module is one such weapon upgrade. However, its location has been changed in the remake. You now have to complete a side mission which is also a new addition.

If you are returning from the original game, the following guide will tell you how to get the Prototype Stasis Module in Dead Space.

How to unlock the Prototype Stasis Module upgrade in Dead Space

You need to complete the Premeditated Malpractice side mission to get the Prototype Stasis Module weapon upgrade.

When you reach Chapter 6, you will have to defeat the Hunter, a powerful Necromorph variant that was created by Dr. Challus Mercer as part of a horrific experiment.

Take a tissue sample of the Hunter from Cyrogenics Central Chamber on the Medical Deck to start the side mission and follow through the objectives until you unlock the lab where the Prototype Stasis Module is located in Dead Space.

After unlocking the Diagnostic Lab, you can find your way to the Nutrition System Room and where you will acquire the Prototype Stasis Module lying on a workbench.

How the Prototype Stasis Module works

The prototype will not show in your inventory but automatically upgrade the stasis module.

It is important to note that the original Stasis Module only stunned enemies without causing any real damage. It was useful to buy yourself some time to escape.

In the remake though, your attacks with the upgraded Stasis Module will not only slow down enemies but also electrocute and immobilize them. Enemies will suffer damage over the period as they get electrified.

You can change the fight’s outcome by blocking enemies’ movements. Giving you enough time to flank the enemies and inflict massive damage on the group of enemies using your AOE attacks.

However, the Prototype Stasis module cannot open any further upgrades after your level 5 suit. You can upgrade your suit to level 5 until Chapter 10. Then, you will need to start a New Game Plus, as you get a level 6 suit at the start of your journey.

With each upgrade to your suit, your Prototype Stasis module also upgrades providing a bigger attack with longer attack duration and increased damage until you reach Level 5 for your suit in Dead Space Remake and Level 6 in the New Game Plus.

The upgraded Stasis Module, upon firing, produces blue electric bolts representing that the enemy is also being electrified besides being stunned. In the old version of Statis Module, there were no blue electric bolts shown as it would just slow down the enemy.

Together with the upgraded Prototype Stasis Module in New Game Plus, you can use the second playthrough of Dead Space Remake to add more upgrades and enjoy the alternative ending.

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