Best Way To Farm Credits And Ammo Fast In Dead Space

In Dead Space, your total credits and ammo are the most useful resources. Here is how you can farm them infinitely.

Surviving the horrors of the Dead Space will require you to effectively manage your resources which are hard to come by. This is especially true for ammo and credits.

Credits are the in-game currency that can be used at the store to buy weapons, health packs, and ammo.

Upgrading your armor will also require plenty of credits which makes them an invaluable resource worth farming.

Ammo is a no-brainer since you’ll be using that to take out the various enemies in the game. So, if you are struggling to acquire Credits and Ammo, we have you covered.

We will teach you all the ways to farm credits and ammo quickly, including a few exploits.

How to farm credits and ammo fast in Dead Space

Open all containers

The USG Ishimura is filled with various containers, storage boxes, lockers, and foot lockers. You must search for and open every container possible to ensure you get the maximum number of credits and ammo.

You can acquire all sorts of stuff by searching these containers so don’t overlook them. Additionally, depending on your story progression, you may be unable to open a few of these containers which will be indicated by a red light. In this case, you must wait till you have acquired a higher security level, after which you can revisit the area and open them.

You will often see green lights when exploring the USG Ishimura. These glowing green lights highlight the location of valuable items like Semi Conductors or Credit Sticks. So, it is always best to check them out.

Sell all Semi-Conductors

Semi-Conductors are non-functional items that can be found throughout the Dead Space world. You can’t use them but they can be sold for a decent number of credits at the store. The prices for the Semi-Conductors are determined by their rarity which you can see in the table below.

Semi-Conductor RarityPrice
Bronze2000 Credits
Gold3000 Credits
Ruby10,000 Credits
Diamond25,000 Credits

Intensity Director exploit

Intensity Director is a game mechanic that determines the likelihood of spawning Necromorphs in a room. This is new to the Dead Space remake and was not there in the original game.

The more rooms you keep entering and leaving, the higher the chance of facing a Necromorph in the next room. You can use this to your advantage by exploiting Intensity Director to infinitely farm Necromorphs for as long as you like.

Here is how the Intensity Director exploit works. When ready, keep entering and leaving a room in Dead Space until a Necromorph spawns inside. Kill and loot it for ammo and credits before starting all over again.

This exploit is especially useful when you are low on credits or ammo. However, keep in mind that this can prove to be a double-edged sword as well. You may end up spending too much ammo or taking too much damage than necessary.

Infinite Credit exploit

The infinite money glitch occurs due to the game mechanic of the Pulse Rifle’s secondary firing mode. When using the weapon in this mode a proximity mine is fired off which can then be collected.

Collecting these mines will fill up your ammo and after repeating the process a few times you can sell the ammo stacks for credits at the store.

What makes this glitch so useful is the fact that you can exploit it very early on in your Dead Space playthrough. All you need is to obtain the Pulse Rifle, which you do during the Second Chapter, and upgrade it a few times at the bench.

After picking up your Pulse Rifle, you need to collect a few nodes to get the required upgrades needed for this glitch to work. During this time, you should avoid touching the Pulse Rifle on the bench as other upgrades may affect the usability of this glitch.

Now before you upgrade anything fire plenty of Proximity Mines. The mines when left undetonated can be picked up as ammo. Once you have emptied your rifle’s ammo, access the bench and get upgrades for your Pulse Rifle’s CAP.

These upgrades will replenish your ammo while you can collect the mines you fired off and sell the ammo stacks for Credits. 

This glitch may be patched in the near future so you need to utilize it before that happens.

Conserve and sell ammo

Selling ammo when you are already struggling to manage it seems counterproductive but hear us out.

Dead Space offers you a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal that you can utilize when facing the horrors of the USG Ishimura. In most cases, you will only rely on a singular weapon to do the job for you.

Meaning you will have an excess of ammo for other weapons that you save up to a full stack and then sell at the store for a significant profit.

Even though ammo is a somewhat invaluable resource in Dead Space, the game still offers you plenty of ways to acquire it. As mentioned above ammo can be acquired by looting various loot boxes and containers or by stomping dead Necromorphs.

The strategy for farming ammo is to equip two weapons. Keep the first one as your go-to Necromorph slayer and the other as your “Money Gun”.

Determining which weapon is best suited to becoming a Money Gun is dependent on the rarity of their ammo drops and the price per stack of their ammo. Let’s look at the latter first.

WeaponAmmo Per StackSelling Price Per Stack
Plasma Gun252500 Credits
Pulse Rifle1002500 Credits
The Ripper153750 Credits
Flamethrower1505250 Credits
Contact Beam153000 Credits
Line Gun93150 Credits
The Force Gun156000 Credits

It is important to note that you must change your designated “Money Gun” as you unlock new weapons whilst progressing through the story. We suggest the following weapons as a farming money gun, progress through the list as you unlock the latter ones.

  • The Ripper (chapter 3)
  • The Contact Beam (chapter 4)
  • The Line Gun (chapter 5)
  • The Force Gun (chapter 6)

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