Dead Island 2 The One Location: How To Get

In Dead Island 2, The One is a heroic looking legendary sword you can use to slice zombies. Here is the process to get it!

Legendary weapons in Dead Island not only boast impressive stats but come with unique perks that can make cutting down zombies a walk in the park. From daggers to hammers to firearms; you can wield different kinds of legendary weapons in the game. In Dead Island 2, The One is a legendary sword that you can wield in your zombie-killing spree.  

Like every other Legendary Weapon, The One is too overpowered to be an early-game weapon. You’ll need to complete the main questline and certain side quest missions before you can wield this legendary blade. 

How to get The One legendary sword in Dead Island 2 

The journey to obtaining The One is pretty lengthy since some quests will serve as a pre-requisite to be completed for unlocking other essential quests. However, two main side quests need to be completed to get this weapon, named The Terror of Sound Stage 7 and Beacon of Hope.

The Terror of Sound Stage 7 

You will get this quest from an NPC named Sarah Sheppard. You’ll need to clear out Sound Stage 7 by completing a series of contracts. You can head to Safe House once more to talk to Sarah and begin this quest. 

You’ll also need to face off against a Butcher Apex Zombie, who will also act as the final boss of this quest. This may be your first interaction with one so you’ll need to be quick on your feet.  

You can gain the advantage by focusing on parrying his attacks and looking for quick dodges. Once the boss is defeated, you can return to Sarah to complete the quest. This quest MUST be completed BEFORE you complete the main quest.


Beacon of Hope 

The last step to obtaining The One in Dead Island 2, Beacon of Hope side quest, can be started by heading to the Safehouse on Hollywood Boulevard. Sebastian asks you to go search for and protect Sarah. 

As you get to the theatre your path to Sarah will be blocked off. You’ll need to clear the way to have a conversation with her. The next part of the quest is a search for the Space Fox spotlight filter in the Metro Station. 

You then have to fight off a few waves of zombies before installing the filter onto the spotlight. The quest will conclude once you inform Sebastian that Sarah is safe. Sebastian will then reward you with The One sword as compensation for your efforts. 

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