Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope Quest Guide

Beacon of Hope side quest in Dead Island 2 has you running around to fix a spotlight in exchange for a Legendary weapon, The One...

Having a Legendary weapon in Dead Island 2 with you will give you an advantage in your combat but unlocking these weapons requires you to complete different Side quests and most of them are pretty hard. The Beacon of Hope side quest in Dead Island 2 gives players a chance to unlock a legendary weapon and one of the strongest swords in the game, The One.

Interested? Let us explain how you can complete the Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope quest and get your hands on The One legendary sword.

How to start Beacon of Hope quest

To start the side quest, Beacon of Hope, you must first complete the side quest, “The Terror of Sound Stage 7”. After completing the quest, you can start Beacon of Hope by talking to Sebastian who will be in the Re-Aging Clinic located inside Hollywood Boulevard.

As you speak to him, he will ask you out of curiosity how you managed to come out of Monarch Studio. This will begin the side quest “Beacon of Hope”.

Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope walkthrough

After the quest begins, the first thing you need to do is go to Sarah and talk to her.  She will then direct you towards the metro. All you need to do is find a Space Fox Spotlight there, come back to Sarah, and fix the Filter in the Spotlight.

Here is a complete walkthrough for the side quest, Beacon of Hope:

Talk to Sarah

The first thing you need to do after the quest begins is find Sarah and talk to her. For locating Sarah, you can follow the quest mark which will take you to Old Dynasty Chinese Theatre. Sarah is located there, however, as you head towards the area you’ll see find many Zombies in between you and Sarah.

Reaching this quest means that you have already mastered the game, therefore, you won’t find it difficult to deal with all these weak Zombies. After killing the last Zombie which is a Crusher, look above towards the balcony. You will find Sarah there.

Find Space Fox Spotlight Filter

After, talking to Sarah, follow the object marker and go to the lowest platform of the Metro Station at Hollywood Boulevard. On your way, you will find many Zombies which will attack you, therefore, don’t go unprepared.

In the Metro Station, you need to enter the Metro Ticket Office as the Spotlight Filter is inside the office. Unfortunately, the door to the Ticket Office is Maglocked and to unlock it you first need to destroy the three maglock fuse boxes it is attached to.

The first Maglock box is near the ATM, the second one is located opposite the office and these two can be easily located and destroyed. You must have done this before too in the previous quests but unfortunately, the door gets locked each time you visit the place so you have to destroy the maglock boxes all over again.

To spot the third Maglock look inside the ticket office through the window and you will find it there. Destroy it and you can then enter the ticket office. As you enter the ticket office you will find the Spotlight Filter on your right side.

Return to Sarah

Once you have the Spotlight Filter, go back to Sarah and give it to her. As you are going back, you will see some fireworks. These fireworks will be then followed by a bunch of Zombies which you need to defeat. Out of all these Zombies, make sure that you take out the Screamer first as he is the most dangerous one.

Once you kill it, you will be then attacked by Slobber and a Crusher. The best way to deal with these two is to lure one of them and then attack the other one. Attacking both at a time may create some trouble for you.

Once, you have killed all the Zombies, fit the Filter in the Spotlight located right next to Sarah and then speak to her. Sarah will then ask you to go and give the good news to Sebastian.

Talk to Sebastian

The quest ends right at the location from where it begins. Go back to the re-aging clinic at Hollywood Boulevard and talk to Sebastian. The quest ends as soon as you talk to him. For completing the Beacon of Hope side quest in DI2, you get

  • 6000 XP
  • The One legendary weapon